PS4, Xbox 720 will automatically use Move, Kinect - Ubisoft

CEO Yves Guillemot doesn't want to call a winner between new motion control devices

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Jamegohanssj52857d ago

Oh so they're building the consoles? Cool, well no excuses for sub par games then : v ).


LoVeRSaMa2857d ago

Why do they call in Xbox 720?

Has Microsoft confirmed that name or?

Annoys me when people just make up names for things, PS4 I can understand but why would they call it 720 ¬.¬"

kneon2857d ago

I usually refer to it as since we really don't know what it will be called. But I'd bet the next playstation will be the PS4, I can't see any reason to go with something else.

Hideo_Kojima2857d ago You think that is a good name to use until we find out the real one?

They can't really call it Xbox 3 because that would confuse some people when they say Xbox 720 everyone can tell what they mean I don't see what the problem is.

metsgaming2857d ago

exactly whats worse is people calling for a wii 2. Its like saying their would have been a gamecube 2. Only Sony has so far had a consistency in naming of their consoles.

ddurand12857d ago

360 * 2 = 720

i dont think its a confirmed name.

zak94ma2857d ago

its just used to refer to the next console even PS4 is not confirmed yet E3 2012 will be the answer

Reckless7182857d ago

i think they should call it 362

dirthurts2857d ago

I actually like that. Logical.

tacosRcool2857d ago

And they will automatically make us grilled cheese sandwiches as well

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gypsygib2857d ago

I hope it's Move2 and Kinect2 - Move2 with an improved camera (like Kinect), and Kinect2 with wands (like Move). That way, 3rd parties can make quality multiplats.

GoldPS32857d ago

Hopefully it turns out that way but Kinect is advertised as controller free.

THE MAX SPEED 212857d ago

for now. next gen is Something else.

cliffbo2857d ago

i hope it is not like the kinect camera as it is inferior to the eyetoy ie it only does 30fps whereas the eyetoy does 120fps low res and 6fps hires only thing kinect does that eyetoy does not do is the infrared for the 3D and you dont need that if you have the move controllers as they do the 3D for you so why would you want the kinect camera for the ps4 ?

Hideo_Kojima2857d ago

To control you whole body while you have 1:1 accurate tracking for the nimbly things by using the controllers like shooting guns?

That way you could shoot a helghan in the head walk about to him and kick his head with your foot.

cliffbo2855d ago

at all the disagrees you must be dumb if you think the Kinect camera is anything special it is not apart from the 3D detection it does nothing that the eyetoy does not do prove me wrong show me some proof that it does something that the eyetoy does not do you cannot can you all you can do is disagree with me and that proves nothing as usual.


Hopefully games will be 1080P now. This should have been done a long time ago.

TrevorPhillips2857d ago

all games will most likely be 1080p since they are the next gen of gaming :)

mrcash2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

yeah 1080p at 30fps will probably be the case.

I know what we are talking about, and I'm sure they will be able to pull it off with some games, but considering that console companies will be trying to keep a nice price point from day one, I doubt they will be really pushing things on the hardware side of things.

TrevorPhillips2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

nope, 1080p running at 60fps. We're talking about the next generation consoles here..

dirthurts2857d ago

Remember the prices still need to be affordable.
They'll go as cheap as they can and get 1080p. 1080p/30.
It takes a beast of a card to push 1080p/60 right now, and it's out of the price range that consoles will consider. Unless it's another 3 years away.

NnT32912857d ago

For me 30fps is smooth enough, I don't have problems with 30fps games. 60fps is better for very fast paced games though.

vsr2857d ago

xbox or nintendo console owners don't care the quality

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raztad2857d ago

I love good graphics, but I hope next gen is more than just 1080p and 60fps. Otherwise I think I'll be playing on my PS3 for many years to come.

With games like KZ3

Supporting MOVE + 3D. I dont have that urge of buying a new console.

Hideo_Kojima2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Its not just about the resolution though.
The next gen consoles will most likely about as powerful as 2009-2010 gaming PCs which can do these things

You can play PS3 if you want but I will definitely be getting a PS4 and I will be playing games that look better than any game on PS3 with better physics and in 3D.

hesido2857d ago

People will hate me for this, but I think 60fps is more important than 1080p. Rendering technologies are more important. I wouldn't mind playing a game that looks like a movie, even if it was 720p.

jack_burt0n2857d ago

ubisoft:"the future is da lazerz tagz" e3 2010.

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