MS line up celebrity guests for Kinect/Facebook promo

The promo kicks off today at 9AM PST with Xbox Live's Major Nelson answering questions about the device and continues tomorrow with Summer Sanders. The other celebrities have yet to be revealed.

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btk2858d ago

So what would celebrities ask about Kinect that gamers would be interested in?
Oprah: Where do you switch it on?
Bieber: Does the camera see me? Can it hear me?
Madonna: Does it make me look sexy?

If they want to do a real question / answer session have some tech savvy gamers to ask the questions - even if they are all XB360 fans.

ComboBreaker2858d ago

so that those great games can sell Kinect,
Microsoft rather hire paid actors and celebrities to try to sell Kinect, without the great games.

Just goes to show the kind of company Microsoft is.

gaden_malak2858d ago

There are no games for Kinect right now.

Try again.

Dusdg2858d ago

So Is rockband not a game? Because that's is all dance central really is at the end of the day.

HolyOrangeCows2857d ago

"There are more games made for Kinect than made for Move"

Rocking the "quantity over quality" argument as usual, I see....

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maxcer2857d ago

there is no real point on calling them out on this shallow practice.
they will just PR some puppet who reiterates that same bull we've been seeing for the last 6 months.

Bigpappy2858d ago

Check back with me on Nov 5-6th.

TroyAndAbed2858d ago

Sweet. What games are you getting with it?

TroyAndAbed2858d ago

Facebook is THE place to go if you want something sold.

maxcer2857d ago

ugh, anyone else disgusted at today's society? celebrities get more attention and recognition than teachers/doctors these days. shows like tmz and entertainment tonight emphasize this and its sad.

Calm Down Sunshine2857d ago

Try getting out of the loop, you'll feel much cleaner.

Don't go near facebook, don't watch tv and certainly don't listen to the toss they play on the radio.

Granted, you'll occasionally be sniggered at for thinking that a "Tinchy Strider" is a type of spider, but you'll start to notice far more interesting things that you didn't before.

maxcer2857d ago

lol great advice, and i dont use facebook and the only time i watch tv is for hockey games.

its just today's mentality, if your not some actor, singer, DJ, dancer or a reality-show lowlife nobody cares.

Zachmo1822857d ago

Look whether you like or not microsoft knows what they're doing and getting Bieber in this is a smart move all the teens girls will jump on this shit cause he is endorsing it...Then the other certain celebs will appeal to the other certain demographic they're trying to get at.

lets look at it this was Bieber endorses some new chicken sandwich at mcdonalds thats aimed at teens then all the teens are like omg he likes it i must get it!!
Now thats say some guy named bob says hey kids the sandwich is so awesome you should try it.

Which one do you think is gonna get the kids to buy it or i mean parents?

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