360 Magazine: Fallout 3 Vs Fallout: New Vegas – The Final Verdict

360 Magazine: We’ve played them both to death, and now it’s time to reveal which of these sprawling post-apocalyptic action-RPGS is the best...

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divideby02896d ago

How about a category for the most bugged and messed up game....

I didnt buy this week, because of the game issues I seen first hand and all the reviews.

gonna wait a couple of weeks to see if the game gets really fixed.

graphically I didnt see much of a diff between the games..(I bought the last FO and played it to death)

A Cupcake for Gabe2896d ago

This is a great game. Give a 7 for being buggy but still play it. It's a nice step above FO3 and a big tribute to classics FO games.

I hope all you haters out there give COD the same criticism.

multipayer2896d ago

I'd give it a 7 just for being a Fallout 3 expansion and costing $60 on principle, the bugs are a given with open world games. It is never going to be perfect.

A Cupcake for Gabe2896d ago

It's just as big though, so its not an expansion. I think people came into fallout nv under the wrong idea. Plus I doubt many have finished it yet to make a fair review.

ThanatosDMC2896d ago

I love the game but it's smaller than FO3. You could run east to west borders of the map in a short amount of time compared to the first game. There are no underground railway passages making it even smaller.

Textures are terrible too and a lot less crap to loot. Purified water, nuka cola, kabobs, etc look horrible compared to FO3. Enemies have a lot more detail though.

It's basically an expensive realism mod that i payed $65 for... i like it. Make sure not to sell sensor modules.

mistajeff2896d ago

i wouldn't call vice city a gta3 expansion, it's the same principle. i think this is much more of a "fallout 3" than fallout 3 was, fallout 3 turned a blind eye to a lot of the events in the history of fallout and basically said "brotherhood of steel! enclave! super mutants! you remember this stuff from the 90s!" and threw it all in a DC setting with a feeble narrative connection to why some of those groups were even on that side of the country to begin with.

don't get me wrong, i loved fallout 3 and sank well over 100 hours into it, but (despite the f**king obnoxious bugs) i'm loving this far more. the map seems smaller, but it's much more dense so i don't care. the world feels much more cohesive, the voice actors don't sound ripped from oblivion, and i actually give a sh!t about the main story and the smaller stories across the world. kudos to obsidian. i just wish they had gotten some more time to run it through QA.

Solidus187-SCMilk2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

and would be happy if new vegas was simply more fallout 3, but so far I think the glitches may be worse than 3, and alot of people had trouble with fallout 3.

I only rented new vegas, but already have had some glitches. Some shit shaking around, 1 freeze, and just a few minuets ago my character would not stop attacking after it loaded. I tried loading again and going through doors and still he wouldnt stop attacking. If I load up my games, I only have 2 saves, and he doesnt stop attacking then I will probably not play this game for a long time, and for sure would never buy it. I want too, but they better hurry up with the patches.

edit- seriously, 30 mins ago I wanted to buy this game. Now I have to wait for patches. The nonstop attacking problem I had will stop you from making progress in the game, so thats where I draw the line.

tacosRcool2896d ago

Bethesda is not known for patching up games so you and me will have to wait quite awhile before they make nice patches to fix their bug filled games to make them playable

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Mastodon2896d ago

Double the quests, double the size of the world, and increased what you can do - bugs aside I'd say this is worth a 8 or 9 just for the 100 hours you can spend without ever going near a quest. 60$ expansion - no...

Solidus187-SCMilk2896d ago

but my character would not stop attacking after a load, probably having something to do with me attacking while I died. Good thing I only rented it. THey need some patches before I will consider buying this again. and I had no problems with F3, so Im guessing New vegas is worse than F3 when it comes to gliches, and alot of people had problems with F3.

A Cupcake for Gabe2896d ago

For me, NV is 10x better in performance than FO3. Got PS3 version too. No issues.

Solidus187-SCMilk2896d ago

Im lucky and just re-loaded after turning the game back on and it stopped swinging. I hope I dont get any more glitches like that.

gamer81792896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

I keep seeing alot of people commenting that theres alot of bugs. I've been playing this game for over 20 hours and haven't notice hardly any bugs or gliches. I hope you're actually playing it yourself and seeing the bugs, instead of going off what other people are saying. This is a great game. The iron sights makes a huge difference to me, and gives it a more relistic touch over fallout 3. I also like the blue skys, and the background seems more clear than fallout 3

mobijoker2896d ago

Reviewers are giving new vegas marks out of 9.They are just comparing it to fo3.IMO NV is more fallout than the fo3.Forget fo3 and review! You will get a 9 game.