EA Is Winning The DLC Value Game

A comparative look at the value of DLC from major players, EA and Activision, and a case for why we should pay attention to DLC pricing. Discusses the comparative cost of BFBC2:Vietnam and MW2 DLC.

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Yi-Long2825d ago

... considering all the sales of games that are guilty of DLC milking....

...but when a game has DLC-milking, I refuse to buy that game and just wait for a 'complete' or GOTY edition.

dangert122825d ago

In my opinion the dlc value winners are
Rockstar with the GTA 4 DLC
Bethesdat with Fall out 3 DLC
Studio liverpool wipeout DLC
I want Dlc to be priced by size and content though microsoft and sony and steam would have to step in i mean it don't make sense to me
that 2 fall out 3 DLC'S are just over 15pound and loads of content at the same time MW2 DLC is a tiny bit less with nowere near as much content the bullshit

tacosRcool2825d ago

This is why I still stick to PC gaming as the so called "DLC" has always been free for the PC

Pandamobile2825d ago

If it's not already free, there's usually ways of getting it for free. If you catch my drift.