Kinect for Xbox 360 sales gain post Oprah giveaway

Pre-order sales for Microsoft Corp.'s Kinect hardware for Xbox 360 increased this week post a giveaway of the hardware on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

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The-Tentacle2854d ago ShowReplies(7)
Zir02854d ago

They're going to be very disappointed when they find out its sold out everywhere.

mrv3212854d ago

But only as half dissapointed who buy it and one week later don't play it.

kaos_fish II2854d ago

Even if it totally sells out everywhere.. Microsoft and Sony are still going to have the same problem Nintendo had with the Wii - people may buy it but they're not buying the software to go with it..

A casual market is just that - casual. They're not buying games month after month - they buy when it suits them NOT you. They don't give a shit about your bottom line.. for fill their casual gaming needs with junk or they'll take their casual dollars elsewhere.

thehitman2854d ago

Because even if you buy the move all your regular titles you play will automatically support Move not just the Move "ONLY" titles like sorcery.
Even past titles are already supported by Move like MAG/RE5/HeavyRain

gamingdroid2854d ago

That is why Wii Fit sold 22+ million copies. That is more than any multi-platform or exclusive game this generation!

To add insul to injury, Wii Fit retailed at $99!

Anon19742854d ago

Yeah, I thought Kinect was sold out everywhere and back ordered for 3 years due to it's insane popularity?

Preorders are meaningless. There's no accurate way to gauge how many preorders are out there, what initial stock is going to be like or even how many of those preorders will translate into a sale.

However that's the way of punchjump. Post an article about Amazon or Toy's are us charts, then throw in 17-20 links trying to sell something. I don't know how this spam is still getting approved. There's never anything of substance to these "articles".

mcstorm2854d ago

The Kinect train has started I think it is going to sell a lot better than this site thinks it will.

yoghurt2854d ago

I don't think people are saying it won't sell well, I think with such a massive marketing budget it can only sell well - it's what happens after those sales.

Not that it matters to msft, they can boast about 10 millions sales regardless of whether people still play it or not.

frostypants2854d ago

I think it will sell VERY well, but briefly.

Again, no amount of marketing can combat consumer backlash if the games suck.

OSU_Gamer2854d ago

The release games are shitty for hardcore gamers, but are exactly the type of games the casual market will eat up.

The Kinect lag won't matter either to the casual market. Just look at how bad the WiiMote was and still is.

I think Kinect will sell well for a while. The casual market is completely different from the hardcore market.

Keith Olbermann2854d ago

What casual that does not own a 360 will buy a 360 and this to play??

Moentjers2854d ago


A lot of owners of a 360 with small children will jump on the kinect, I even got to admit they will give them a great present.

But for a parent to invest in
1) 360
2) kinect
3) games
might be a to expensive compared to a Wii. And no, they won't buy a PS3 either.

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Philoctetes2854d ago

I agree that Kinect is going to sell pretty well. Among casuals, not core gamers.

Shadow Flare2854d ago

Look how much Microsoft are spending to Market this. $500,000,000. of course it's going to sell. What most people talk about on here is whether it will be relevant to real gamers. Because look at the games. Theyre just very basic casual games, nothing for the hardcore. So what if it sells Alot? If it doesn't offer YOU anything then why should you be happy if it sells alot? You should be more concerned that Microsoft is forgetting to bring you guys exclusive hardcore games. It honestly puzzles me when I see some 360 fans jumping for joy with how well kinect will sell, because don't they realise that if it explodes then this is their future for the next few years? People rag on move but it HAS games that interest me very much so, and what's more I know Sony will continue to give me a ton of real AAA exclusive games like the last guardian and uncharted 3 and so on. Let's see how well kinect sells across the world first though. America is the most publicised Market, it doesn't mean it's the world

TagMeIn2854d ago

Translation, I'll ignore everything and anything that does not further my blinded agenda.
Microsoft announced 5 hardcore games at TGS but everybody has decided to turn a blind eye so that they can get to say retarded things like this shadow flare character.
Rise of Nightmare
Project Draco
Codename D
Steel Battlion.
All hardcore games and yet you ignore them cos they prove you wrong.
I wish this site had some sort of filter that blocked off spiteful remarks like these from the informative comments

Shadow Flare2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Right, I don't recall seeing a single thing of those games yet but whatever, we'll see how hardcore they are when we actually see something. When i said "nothing hardcore" i was refering to the launch titles. Unless you've seen something I haven't. Every single title is basic and casual. I was trying to be reasonable with my last comment but whatever. Enjoy your future years with kinect mate. I'm sure you're pissing your pants with excitement for it. Or it's sales more likely.

Zir02854d ago

"When i said "nothing hardcore" i was refering to the launch titles"

So its just like Move then, no hardcore titles at launch. The only difference is Kinect has hardcore titles in development while Move doesn't, and I'm talking about hardcore titles that work exclusively for Move. Apart from Sorcery there is nothing.

Shadow Flare2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Give me one good reason why it MUST be a move exclusive game? How does that affect anything? Just so you can narrow down the choices? If it works well with move, that's all that matters. What a pathetic line of reasoning


Its a game I bought for move and move improves it brilliantly over the dualshock because for once, on a console it's like controlling an R.T.S game with a mouse. It's brilliant and a very worthy hardcore launch game. Or are you going to discount that cos it's not exclusive? Aawww. Pathetic. MAG and Heavy Rain can also be used as well as tiger woods golf, Hustle Kings, and I'm waiting for echochrome ii, a demo was available at launch and it's excellent. And in the future we have titles like killzone 3 and Littlebigplanet 2, and 40 third party studios are said to be working with Move for future games

You're turn. What's kinect got at launch? You can include a non-exclusive kinect game if you want. A games a game after all

radphil2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

"Microsoft announced 5 hardcore games at TGS but everybody has decided to turn a blind eye so that they can get to say retarded things like this shadow flare character."

"Microsoft announced"


There wasn't any gameplay videos, just announcements. You might as well say we should believe off on their words. Announcements to actual release can still go VERY sour.

Also on a side note, Steel Battalion goes from having it's OWN UNIQUE controller, to none at all. How in the world would you expect me to believe that it's going to be any more hardcore than it was normally?

Biggest2854d ago

It's cool to get excited about games that are announced. I'm still trying to figure out why games that are announced for Kinect are worth getting excited about. We know what the Kinect can do with its current hardware. Would you get excited about a new $50 game developed by Bungie using Lincoln Logs? The games that were announced are unknown. We don't know if they're hardcore, casual, or a mix thereof. Looking at the current ideas and tech demos SHOWN from the Kinect, I would say that Kinect buyers that hope for hardcore games would be lucky to get a semi-responsive Time Crisis game. There is no reason to get excited about that.

TagMeIn2854d ago

They announced and showed some videos so do not try and be smart. What have we seen from Agent??? Nothing, yet everybody loves it because it is a ps3 exclusive even though it has zero gameplay that we've seen so far.
Those games come from some talented japanese developers but I suppose that only matters when they are making ps3 games only right?
@shadow flare, what good is Move if i cannot (at launch) have UNIQUE hardcore games? What hardcore-Move only games does Move have? Games that cannot be played with a DS3? I mean as a hardcore gamer shadow flare, did you buy Move just so you could play games you already played with a DS3?
I hate mud slinging, all I'm saying is you people ALWAYS find something to complain about when Microsoft is concerned. You said no hardcore games, I gave you hardcore games. Then you claim you meant at launch and yet Move does not play any unique hardcore games at launch. Then you also claim to have not seen anything about the games and when they finaly do show stuff you'll find something else to complain about. It's getting annoying.

Hades13372854d ago

Come off it mate. It was people like you that were predicting Kinect would flop at the first hurdle. Instead of trying to come up with new reasons to diss Kinect, how about just not commenting on any Kinect articles?

2854d ago
Moentjers2854d ago

I looked at the "hardcore" trailers:
Rise of Nightmare: 55secs, not a single second of gameplay
Haunt: 57secs (GT), no gameplay, looks childish
Project Draco: 52secs (TGS), no gameplay, promising movie, might be something
Codename D: 1m, wtf was that ?
Steel Battlion: 1m39, no gameplay, nice graphics, great trailer

But... not a single trailer showed the controls, I can't even imagine how the gameplay is gonna be and WHY you should play these games without an accurate controller.

When I see the trailer, I would like Steel Battalion on my PS3 but with the Dualshock, thank you Capcom for porting it with normal controls!

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Convas2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

There is a part of me that wants Kinect to fail. And there's a part of me that wants it to succeed. However, with all that I'm seeing, Kinect is all hat and no cattle. Very much flash, but very little substance.

And I'm still waiting for someone to prove me wrong. Perhaps Steel Battalion will do it.

frostypants2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Here's my thing: what sounds more fun and immersive?

Playing a mech game with awesome controls you can actually feel?

Or moving your hands through empty air?

Much like the EyeToy, Kinect is a solution for a problem that doesn't exist, at least for this kind of thing.

As an menu interface it might be kinda cool...but who wants to spend $150 for that?

Raendom2854d ago

*Vomits*. You failed when you said "there's a part of me that wants it to succeed".

Titanz2854d ago

It will be Kinect and the PS Move battling it out.