Haze playable with single gun, multiplayer will affect campaign mode

"With Haze, we are giving people the opportunity to play the entire game with one weapon of choice," said Ubisoft's Rob Yescombe in an interview with GamePro. "This is only really possible because we have an extremely intelligent and adaptive A.I." He added, "The main weapon isn't a gun. It is the use of Nectar."

Yescombe also divulged that the game will feature 4-player co-op, online multiplayer support of up to 24 players, and the ability to alter the single player storyline when playing in multiplayer mode and vice versa.

"Events that occur in the multi-player game will change your perception of things that happen to you in the campaign mode and vice versa," Yescombe said. "It's almost like watching the deleted scenes on a DVD."

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ALI-G3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

becuse HALO 3 will lunch in sep 25,here they all will pause the devlopment in this game for amonth to enjoy playing propper FPS

than they will play HALO3 for another month to learn from Bungi

EDIT:these guys did not make GOLDEN EYES, they worked within RARE(it is who own the IP) then some left RARE and started FREE READICAL .basicly their job at RARE was to serve coffe,tea ....

Kleptic3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

game still growing on me...UT3 is a definite...but this still keeps me interested...

if anything it is enough that these are most of the guys that made Goldeneye...that in itself is enough to have my attention...

ParaDise_LosT3952d ago

I wonder if it crossed FreeRadicals mind that Not everyone has Online capabilities....

SubZero3952d ago

If your ass can't afford a high speend internet connection chances are you should not own a $500 console lol.

Darkiewonder3952d ago

Message to the internetless folks:


Premonition3952d ago

They better get with the times. DSL is cheap, if they dont get DSL out in their area check with other ISP's. I dont see how people can still live with dial up, after I finally got out of that I was so happy.

ParaDise_LosT3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

I said 'Not everyone has Online capabilities' if you had half a mind
you would have figured out I was speaking for the masses...
Tell your uncle(dad) to stop F*cking his sister, we need less people like you....
-Edit- Not everyone has Friends Del xD
Prime examples would be Nasim,Mart,Larry...ect...fanbo ys.

Delive3952d ago

Maybe there is an offline multiplayer split screen co-op/comp kind of thing going on here.

xaphanze3952d ago

its true, not everyone has internet capabilities!not because we cant pay,because its not available in the country!

nobizlikesnowbiz3952d ago

My parents live in a very well developed part of northeastern North Carolina.

I'm in college, so I have a nice connection here.

But back home, no ISP will run high speed online to my house, because we live too far away from the service building or whatever.

It's just because we live down a long road, about 1.5 miles away from other houses. 1.5 miles away they have cable, DSL, you name it.

Companies tell my parents it isn't viable to run a connection down our road since only we live down it, and it wouldn't be profitable.

So just so you know, not everyone is offered high-speed internet ATM.

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Cat3952d ago

yeah, it's in neon yellow on their backs.

s8anicslayer3952d ago

multi player is where it's at, why do you think ut3 is so big,or gears of war still being played, get an isp

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