CoD: Black Op – New TDM Gameplay footage shows us why this is the next big thing

GB writes: "We have some brand new Call of Duty: Black Ops Team Deathmatch Gameplay footage which shows us exactly why this game’s the next big thing when it comes setting the standard about how multiplayer should be done"

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DirtyLary2857d ago

I just hope this COD:BO is balanced. I don't need them to reinvent the wheel, just fix the flat.

acky12857d ago

This footage didn't show us why its the next big thing at all. It is literally the same as MW2 with some slight tweaks.

Splitscreen online play is truly awesome but apart from that nothing here is new or revolutionary. We've seen this all before, basically since COD4-present.

RageAgainstTheMShine2857d ago

I hope Sylvester "RAMBO" Stallone and Arnold " Commando" Schwartzenneger are un-lockable characters.

number472857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

COD could just get a bi-monthly patch of co-op missions & new maps. Charge the morons errr fans 15$/mo to play. Which they would pay gladly. Madden should do the same thing.. in fact, every underwhelming-yet-popular franchise should do the same.

Theres nothing in any cod release that couldn't simply have been dlc/patch upgrade. Im sure none would miss the single player either.

irepbtown2857d ago

Main reason i pre-ordered Black ops is for the Singleplayer (search on youtube - Black Ops singleplayer trailer), and the amount of friends who are getting it, so i thought i'd join the fun.

But when Gran Turismo 5 comes out, i dont think i'll be on Black Ops.

jeseth2856d ago

I see nothing here that hasn't been done and I also thought the MP5 sounded rediculous.

I wish COD would stop trying to get cute and go back to the basics of COD4 with all the customizations. The killstreaks and over implementation of shotguns and projectiles (GLs, RPGs, etc) has taken away from what made MW a phenomenon.

Seriously, I have never seen a person running and shooting 2 shotguns, it is absurd. Most humans can barely shoot a single shotgun accurately while standing.

I wish COD would stop trying to raise the bar by altering what made the game an industry standard by which others are judged. If MOH had better maps and spawning I would absolutely love it and not be so inclined to buy Black Ops.

The remote control explosive car is going to drive me nuts, you better be able to shoot the thing when its coming for you.

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deadreckoning6662857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

@Red_Orange_Juice- Stop trolling.

EDIT: This looks incredible. Can't wait to get it. I won't need another competitive multiplayer game till Bungie's multiplat game comes to the PS3 :)

"Boring CoD clips. Why should we care when it is no more than a rehash of the same stuff from 2007?"

But you DO care..why else would you bother to even comment in a Black Ops article??? ROFL so funny. People who "claim" they aren't interested in Black Ops are taking the time out of their busy lives to comment in Black Ops articles. Amazing!

TheRealist21022857d ago

Having an opinion and everyone is entitled to having one whether you think cod is a piece of crap or better than sex. I personally think series is dead and pity the people that continue to buy into it....more crap please...

TheRealWar2857d ago

we dont need your pity, we need people like you to STFU so we can buy games we want to play ... IMO

Gago2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

don't tell people what and what not to buy

i think your just butthurt cause a game you don't like is doing so successful, further fueling your nerd rage lol

Millah2857d ago

Pity yourself for actually worrying about what other games people play. People hate on COD SO MUCH, claiming its more of the same, but continue to pay so much attention to the game themselves.

Since when were sequels supposed to reinvent the series every single year? I'd like to see ANY of you attempt to do that, come up with a breakthrough idea every 365 days.

You guys really don't appreciate just how tough it is to create sequels to hugely successful series like COD. First off, the publisher won't allow the dev to change much of the core game or take unnecessary risks. Second of all, its EXTREMELY difficult to create a sequel to a game with a 20 million+ install base, and trying to make gameplay changes without pissing off your entire userbase at the same time. Change just one small detail, and you risk upsetting fans.

So until any of you guys are developing huge blockbuster video games, I suggest you keep your smug little comments to yourselves, since none of you know the first thing about being in their shoes.

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sikbeta2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Pffft... all the articles about COD are the same too, always saying it's the best thing evaaaar... until the next year when another COD comes out, then the pseudo-gaming-journoz copy/paste the old articles, change the titles + stuff a little and repeat it's the bezt thing evaaaaar... oh... and Gametrailes gives COD# the GOTY...

tacosRcool2857d ago

"CoD: Black Op – New TDM Gameplay footage shows us why this is the next big thing"

in terms of being over hyped, yes.

craddock2857d ago

will this have move support for ps3

360nPS3rTheSAME2857d ago

roflmao go play minigames or buy kinect or wii if you want to use motion controls the right way. I remember on this site when all of the ps3 fanboys said they didn't want or need motion controls but now look at you hahahahaha "we want to play cod and kz3 with move" lmaoooooo wtf. I love my move but I don't want to fugging play cod or kz3 with it. You people follow fads so blindly it's a shame

*back to sports champions*

LiLTich922857d ago

well thats all down to opinion, personally i think MAG is better playing it with the move rather than the ds3, well i dont think its a fad considering that motion controllers are new :\ because i know if move was released a 10-15 years back i would of bought it

*back to playing MAG with move*

p.s KZ3 looks epic with move :) except the stupid auto aim

tacosRcool2857d ago

I can feel the warmth of the over hype here at my computer

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theonlylolking2857d ago

So many people use the MP5. Is it that good?

I loved the MP5 in COD4 so if this one is just as good then I can see why peeps are using it.

JeffGUNZ2857d ago

Yeah it looks really similiar. I hope it is!

cyborg2857d ago

The Dog streaks are back :D


Solans Scott2856d ago

They were my favorite kill streak reward from World at War.

DigitalRaptor2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Call of Duty will always be the next big thing to the average gamer, whether it's great or not.

TheRealist21022857d ago

I'm an average gamer and will be passing over this low quality...same crap a different day game....