Xbox 360 Elite games console

Apart from a sneaky bit of Xbox 360 gaming at lunchtime in the Register Hardware offices, the staff have always been fairly hardcore Playstation fans, having grown up with the Sony console series since its 1995 launch. Could Microsoft's new Xbox 360 Elite persuade them to change allegiance? Well, yes it could...

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jlemdon3529d ago

I'm getting the Halo 3 360 w/HDMI so it don't matter to me.

ShiftyLookingCow3529d ago

only for the black color and 120GB HDD(if anybody is going to get the standalone after buying a new one they might as pick this one up). For most people and for just playing games it doesn't matter

bym051d3529d ago

That's perhaps the worst PS3 vs. XBOX360 comparison I've ever read. Bundled HDMI counts the same as Processor? The Processors are the same since they have the same MHz rating? The PS3 has a better GPU since it's 50MHz higher?

kalle3529d ago

The GPU in 360 is better than the GPU in PS3

eLiNeS3528d ago

"The Xbox 360 GPU has more processing power than the PS3's. In addition, its innovated features contribute to overall rendering performance."

spike3529d ago

Yes it will. Look at the PS3 games and look at the XBOX360 games. XBOX 360 is way better. PS3 games are to hard to make.

rogue zero one3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

funny that you judge 1st gen PS3 games to 2nd gen 360 games... way better? they're almost identical right now... that says a lot about your intelligence.

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The story is too old to be commented.