May Contain Suggestive Themes; Censorship in Japan

Critical Gamer writes: Censorship and video games have always shared an uneasy relationship. By and large, the industry has successfully self-regulated, with a few notable exceptions. Any controversy relating to graphic violence or sexually explicit content has been generated by fabricated moral outrage through mainstream media. Japan, on the other hand, still suffers from a more stringent policy of censorship relating to games, something that might surprise those who are familiar with the graphic depictions of sex and violence that can be found in manga and anime.

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scruffy_bear2772d ago

Japan is just weird from the article: The [email protected] 2 is certainly the most famous. The game revolves around managing a Japanese all-girl pop group, although it will also feature a male group, and is essentially a rhythm action game with a strong emphasis on choosing costumes, venues and camera angles in order to create your own concerts. Your character, an unnamed rookie producer, chats to the group and members of the production company. What will make some pause for thought is that your dialogue options range from very sweet and caring to openly perverted. As the girls are as young as 12, this suggestive dialogue is rather inappropriate

tacosRcool2771d ago

Most things Japanese are weird