Top Ten Amusing Fallout: New Vegas Bugs

Moonwalking dogs to men with rotating heads...

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Kal8532740d ago

A similar thing happened to me when I modded it with a laser sight. Perhaps since it's a dlc item it doesn't quite take to any kind of mod well.

Der_Kommandant2740d ago

This game has more bugs than a rain forest

Kal8532740d ago

"Each year, the Rainforest is responsible for over three thousand deaths from accidents, attacks or illnesses. There are over seven hundred things in the Rainforest that cause cancer. Join the fight now and help stop the Rainforest before it's too late."

Tilian2740d ago

Nothing amusing about a broken game.

Kal8532740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

I'm eagerly awaiting a patch.

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