Among the languages of Arabic Uncharted 3? Ghassan Ayoubi, executive director of Rubicon Holding in the Gulf, as already announced several titles such as Mafia II, Dead Rising 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, and the recent Medal of Honor, were subject to censorship by the scenes of violence proposals. Working with Modern Electronic Company (MCE), are also distributors exclusive titles branded from the official Sony Computer Entertainment, also working on audio dubbing. Specifically with regard to the exclusive of the Japanese giant, Ayoubi has reported that "FIFA 11 and the third chapter of Uncharted may be located in Arabia. Here is a big market for video games. It is not excluded that the title of first-party Sony can being reduced for scenes to be excluded in this territory. "

Despite not having an official response from Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) and Naugthy Dog seems well established that the title is in development.

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Convas2858d ago

Uncharted 3 based in Egypt and various places in Arabia. Mummies confirmed. I called it.

Game-ur2858d ago

First they need to make the PS3 support arabic, almost 300 million will finde it more accessible. Now it's mostly multilingual nerds who play it.

Cloudberry2858d ago

I want to see Uncharted's underwater graphic.

Guerilla Games said that Killzone 3's using Uncharted 2's snow, while the next Uncharted game would use Killzone 3's water graphic.