Fallout: New Vegas PC patch released, fixes game-breaking issues

GB: Bugs are a plenty in Fallout: New Vegas but Bethesda’s already bringing out their bug-patch sprays!

The first patch for the PC version of the game has gone live and can be is automatically downloaded once you boot up the game.

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cyborg2829d ago

the first in the long line of patches that Bethesda's gonna churn out. I am only 10 hours in and have already encountered some rather funny ones.

FragGen2829d ago

That's why it's stupid to buy a game like this day one. Wait a year and buy the GotY or complete edition with all the DLC, all the patches, and a lower price.

There are lots of great games that have either just come out or are coming out for the holiday season that will not be a bug riddled train wreck.

gameseveryday2829d ago

Glad I am playing the console version!

Letros2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

So you can get a delayed patch? This same patch is coming to consoles actually only fixes quests/scripts, but since the PC version is using Steam it's much easier/quicker to update a game.

Ocelot5252829d ago

easier? the update system of console games is just like the one of steam

do you think console gamers have to update games manually?

Letros2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Last I checked, patches had to be approved by Microsoft before released. They will probably release the PS3 version at the same time as 360.

And technically you have to manually update your games on consoles, pressing a button to confirm the download then install it, with Steam everything is updated automatically, 30 games could be updating at once and I wouldn't even know it, streamlined service.

So no, it's not the same as Steam.

Ocelot5252829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

well playstation plus offers the background patching service you mentioned but it isn't free(which should be imo)

nevimkdojsem22829d ago

You are glad the same bugs remain unfixed on your platform and you have to play the game in low resolution, with choppy framerate, ugly textures, no AA and no mods?. Interesting...

pr0digyZA2829d ago

That was a fail comment.

DTG_The_Man2829d ago

I don't know about these retards, but I'm more for actually playing the game rather than wishing I had the PC to play it. I don't care about textures, mods, or low resolution. My TV is SD anyway. The framerate is barely noticeable for me. I'm noticing the mini-freezes it gets about once a minute. It only lasts about a second, so it isn't a big complaint.

Pandamobile2829d ago

So, we're retards for wanting a better gaming experience?

Get out.

likedamaster2829d ago

I think you've mistaken 'buggy' with 'resource-hungry'. I'll fill you in on a little secret DTG... all versions are buggy as heck. Except, now with this patch, PC gamers do get to play it with less bugs and at a higher res. ;)

Nihilism2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

On PC if the devs don't fix a problem, there is always a good chance that you can fix it yourself in advance. What is not to like. PC users don't even have to try, some kindly chap will post the tweak fix for said problem, everyone else simply copies and pastes the command etc and bam, game fixed. Console users STILL have broken versions of the GOTY version of FO3, a fix that is never going to come. FO3 on PC is buggy too, but with a few tweaks I haven't had a crash in over 40hrs of my last playthrough.

Tony P2829d ago

That is exactly why I got the the PC version.

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SSKILLZ2829d ago

I got stuck holding TNT in m'y Hand , i could only Walk and enemys would not attack me ,funny :)

Raf1k12829d ago

Well, you were holding TNT in your hand so what do you expect? lol

Thecraft19892829d ago

I had one problem with game floating enemy that just fell to the floor when shot him alot less buggyer than fallout 3 K/M did not even work for more than 5 mins.

spandexxking2829d ago

the only problem i have is every time i want to do a quick 180 the game freezes for a slight second. it only happens when i set the graphics to ultra but i still get like 40-50 fps in ultra, i dont get it.

spandexxking2829d ago

found out what it was. when the 'reflection detail' is set to high it happens

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