Blu-Ray Still Wins

Washington, D.C. (August 23, 2007) - Blu-ray will still win the high-def disc format war against rival HD DVD despite Paramount's decision to back HD DVD exclusively. That's the verdict from the UK-based research firm Understanding & Solutions, as reported by Video Business.

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Bloodmask4131d ago

HDDVD offers the most interactive features with U-control and also includes online functionality in every HDDVD player.

For the price and most features you can't go wrong with HDDVD with players starting as low as $299. Not to mention Universal(one of the markets biggest movie producers is going exclusive with HDVD), and Paramount just jumped in. All the other big movie producers are sure to follow when the cheap $199 players arrive this Christmas and start flying off shelves.

And the article is wrong bc HDDVD will get Shrek as well as Transformers this year from Paramount exclusively.(So it isn't just taking movies from Bluray it is also gaining).

One thing is for sure if you like huge blockbuster movies like The Bourne Ultimatum and Transformers you would be a fool to pass up HDDVD this Holiday season.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4131d ago

i agree kinda. in the end bluray will win but this year HDDVD is lookin really good. but i read that the players will be 300 not 200. if they can get them out for 200 and get them on targets shelves then thats a different story. also dont forget about heros which just came out today im pretty sure itll sell a lot.

GodofPeace4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

The crap that you type? HD-DVD is dead because PS3 and Disney are going to kill HD-DVD. HD-DVD is prolonging death which is stupid for consumers.

Edit: its going to die eventually because the PS3. The PS3 will slowly or eventually penetrate a lot of households and that starts a chain reaction of mindsharing. Also the fact Disney is the key to the format War because Disney has the movies kids want to watch and also adult. Disney almost owns times square and is very powerful. HD-DVD will die and consumers can finally rejoice. Also don't forget SONY makes decent movies like Spider-man series and Disney has Pirates which can combat tranformers anytime.

WilliamRLBaker4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

but in the end i just dont care any more.

and god of peace...really its dead? you mean its selling 0 in every region? your like the fanboys that detract from 360 and wii dominace by saying 360 is dead in japan...yet it sells 2k units EVERY week...
A format is dead when no one publeshes on it, no one buys it, and no one buys the media...

mikeslemonade4131d ago

I still don't see the $200 HD-DVD player hitting mainstream. And it's certainly not going to drive HD-DVD pass blu-ray. PS3 is going to hit mainstream because of the brand, the games, and more exclusive high def titles. And there is basically a $200 HD-DVD player online and we're not seeing it sell as well you keep claiming.

Rageanitus4131d ago

I can assure you ppl don't buy movies for interactive features.

the 300 dollar hd-dvd player is the crap one that can only do 1080i.

The biggest studios are still on blu-ray, and historical statistics show that disney, sony, and warner grossed most in movies and dvd sales

a major part of the industry is rentals, and blu-ray is already backed by the major blockbuster

joevfx4131d ago

no body cares about hd dvds interative features, thats why the blu ray version of 300 sold way more units with no interactive features.

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power of Green 4131d ago

We all know this isn't true. The casual bulk will decide as they always have.

WaggleLOL4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

When you have Microsoft paying 150 million dollars to companies just to make movies for your format you are letting the world know just how dead your format is.

BluRay has taken over the entire world. Every country outside of the US has gone completely BluRay, all of Asia, all of Europe, all of South America.

The latest US sales figures from Nielson have BluRay at 71% vs a pathetic 29% for the dead HD-DVD format. The trend lines are straight down every month for HD-DVD.

Target has dumped the dead HD-DVD format and gone exclusively BluRay.
Blockbuster has dumped the dead HD-DVD format and gone exclusively BluRay.

The only people still clinging to the dead HD-DVD format are foaming at the mouth Xbox/Microsoft fanboys desperately buying their weekly allowance from mommy on the tiny and crappy HD-DVD library of movies hoping that they will somehow keep the format for rotting away.

No one wants to be stuck with a crappy and gimped HD format like HD-DVD that only has 30gigs of space(vs 50 gigs for BluRay) and only has one manufacturer, Toshiba, making players, and a giant ugly and crappy 200 addon to the most defective console ever made, the Dreamcast 360.

The PS3 is the best best BluRay player on the market right now and is leaving the tiny HD-DVD installed base in the dust in all three regions of the world.

scarlett_rg, go F yourself.

Buh bye HD-DVD no one but idiotic Xbots will miss you.

Ignorant Fanboy,

100 Million to buy off Paramount
50 Million for Dreamworks

What an idiot. Buh bye HD-DVD!

scarlett_rg4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

I'm past the point where I actually have to READ your comments to know that I'll be disagreeing with them.

I have yet to read a single intelligent thing from you!

Not that you deserve to lose bubbles for this particular post, but was it your goal to get to 1 bubble at record pace?!

EDIT: Your reply to my post... further proof of what an immature fool you actually are.

Ignorant Fanboy4131d ago

Microsoft paid the 150 million for HD-DVD.

If he is thinking that , then I dont want to hear the rest of his post.

Rageanitus4131d ago

but its true I have not seen an hd-dvd player other than toshiba's in normal electronic stores.

iceman20004131d ago

dovnt vory hackers vot hacke hd dvd

Douche4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

Hey Bloodmask, I like big hit blockbuster movies. I also like Blockbuster (Ohh snap!!). Can I buy/rent HD-DVDs at Blockbuster? Nope. What about Target? Hmm...don't think I could. I find you'd have to either be stupid or just a queer to pass up Blu-Ray for Shrek, lmao. If you want to talk movie companies, how about Fox? MGM? Disney? So you don't want to see Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Live Free Or Die Hard, or Prison Break with exclusive content jam-packed on 50 GB Blu-Ray discs? Of course you don't. You'd rather watch Shrek.

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