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BeefJack: "The whole game is a disappointment. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a very competent shooter buried within the package, but there’s simply nothing to set it apart from its competition, and it’s fairly broken to boot. When you shoot for the top spot, you really have to put the resources into it and give it time to mature. EA have rushed Medal of Honor, and it’s obvious."

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Jacobite2704d ago

Playing the same game here lol I'm enjoying it sofar. (sp)

tacosRcool2703d ago

This is a great game and that's why I OWN it

AKS2704d ago

Wow, the hate for this game keeps on coming. It's an 7.5/10 to 8/10 for me. I really enjoyed the campaign and prefer the multiplayer of MoH over CoD.

tacosRcool2704d ago

I have never seen so many reviews for one game before on N4G. I think its a way to make MoH look bad even though it isn't. Matter of fact in 10 minutes I'm gonna play some MoH

KyRo2704d ago

There's clearly a bandwagon going on with this game regarding the reviews. The game is a 7 at least and I'd personally place it it at about 8.5. Still needs a few of ideas of its own but marking it down for that reason is madness when all other FPS borrow something from the last FPS.

Dnied2704d ago

Yup, this game is way better than a 6.2 (.2??)

skip2mylou2704d ago

wow really now full of glitches? i have not seen any of those, unbalanced multiplayer? u wanna talk about unbalanced go and take a look at its "rival"

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