The Hardest Videogames of All-Time

"Once upon a time video games were created and shipped out without too much actual thought about game difficulty. It was a brand new form of entertainment and developers didn't seem too interested in making sure that a game was not too difficult for the average human. The result was a slew of games so challenging that only the most patient of gamers could ever get through them. Maybe you conquered one of the five hardest video games below, but for most they are just too much."

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charlescox42531d ago

Battle Toads was brutal. I played it on my brothers emulator and I don't know how people played games back then.

GunShotEddy2531d ago

Guitar Hero II with the buckethead achievement.

BeaRye2531d ago

Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox

BiggCMan2531d ago

thats because many, many games within the last 5 years have been extremely easy. demons souls is not one of them, i know from experience DX