Molyneux: I’ve Never Made a Great Game

Microsoft’s development legend says he yearns to make a 5m+ seller and join the ‘triple-A club’

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The-Tentacle2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

That's true, try making a game for a console that takes advantage of Bluray.

DatNJDom812591d ago

Target ur audience....... make a shooter.

Yi-Long2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

... he should just make a game that has challenging interesting stories, characters, gameplay etc etc, instead of wasting precious development time and talent on stuff like 'a dog' and 'designing your Fable livingroom' and that kinda crap.

We just want play interesting games. That's all. A game without any challenge or fun gameplay just isn't interesting.

I love the whole setting and idea behind Fable. I love the artstyle/design in Fable. It's the story and gameplay that seems kinda lacking. Sadly.

StanLee2591d ago

Peter's being modest. He made Black and White. Which is the only reason I tolerate some of his idiocyncracies and defend the guy at times.

THE MAX SPEED 212591d ago

Peter did overhype Fable 2 and it wasnt that great but I noticed that he havent overhyped Fable 3 and the game looks ever better than the 1st and 2nd.

darthawesome902591d ago

Go back and look at Fable 1. Ok done that? Now make good on every promise made all those years ago (salt and pepper shakers of doom, a truly open world like Oblivion, competition between heroes, etc.)

P.S. It's probably just me but I don't like how the series is becoming more and more modern. It loses the magic of the original. It's like making LOTR with flintlock pistols (in my opinion).

TEFL0N_D0N_812591d ago

Peter, you want to improve Fable? Your character leveling system in Fable 2 sucked. It doesn't matter one bit what kind of character I create and develop, eventually they all do the same thing in the end, maxing all the stats out. Make the game challenging in difficulty, and allow room for specialization for characters.

Allow characters to make their own weapons and build an actual looting system. Also bring in an MMO economy, where people can connect online to a marketplace and buy/sell/trade goods.

evrfighter2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

black and white was and probably still is ahead of its time. his vision for that title was limited by technology.

black and white 2 brought the best systems to their knees for many years after its release.

@ persistantthug down below.

---____--- really? at it's a core mgs4 is still a shooter. a true stealth title would see you finish the game without firing a shot

Thief is more of a stealth game than MGS will ever be.

A Cupcake for Gabe2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

I wish lionhead would make BC for this gen. A prehistoric openworld rpg would be sweet.
I remember when this got canned on Xbox and fable came out instead. Kind of my beef with Peter's hype. Why can't you make an awesome game that lives to promises shown years before?!?!???

At evrfighter, what are you a troll? You can make it through MGS4 without ever making sound, or killing anyone. It's a stealth game if you want it that way.

Anon19742591d ago

Syndicate was pretty damn good as well. Now, if he had said "I haven't made a great game for almost fifteen years," I might agree.

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GoldPS32591d ago

Poor guy. He should be grateful for the sales he do get. 3.5m is good but a Fable game will never pass 5m becuz 360 fans are FPS lovers. I bet he wish he could put Fable on PS3.

theonlylolking2591d ago

I still would not buy it if it was on PS3.

SuperSaiyan42591d ago

But I prefer RPG's I guess you got shot down with your comment now huh? And aren't there quite a few FPS on the PS3?? I see a lot of PS3 fans going crazy for KZ3...

Dark-Cloud2591d ago

i want it in ps3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T , xbox360 fans doesn't deservee this game !! they don't want it !!! we want it !!!! trust me , if u put it in ps3 u'll win !!!! u'll get alots of fans and money !!! we just want to play it !!!!!!!! T_T

TagMeIn2591d ago

Has graced 5m sales? In fact, what 1st party ps3 game has graced 5m sales? In fact, what ps3 exclusive game has graced 5 million sales? Provide links please

Persistantthug2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (Stealth Action) [5 mil+]


Gran Turismo 5: Prologue (Racing) [4.95 mil]

TagMeIn2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Thanx for that. So still no first party? Still no non-shooter? 4.95 million is close but unfortunately that 50000 outstanding is still 50000 too much.
Do you now see how retarded the original poster's comment was?
@below, we aren't talking about AAA status, we're talking about sales because mr 1.2 spoke about sales.
PS. Uncharted 2 is at 3.7 million sales. No where near 5 million. Unless you wanna say that Fable 2's 3.8 million is near 5 million in which case ok. Metal Gear is a shooting game, or at least has shooting elements. Uncharted 2 cannot be completed without shooting.

TreMillz2591d ago

Non-Shooters too. A game doesnt need 5 million sales to be AAA. UC2 though is close to 5 mil is AAA, ME2 is AAA, Demon's Souls is AAA, KZ2, Batman AA, lots dont hit that mark but are still must haves.

tacosRcool2591d ago

Well that's why I game on my PC to get some of the very rare games that on exclusive to the 360 and PC that are worth my time like Fable 3. And that's pretty much it

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Theonik2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

And how many games on that platform are on that 5m+ sales club he is talking about? Hmmm?
Chances are you didn't bother to read the article.

InTheKnow2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )


I'm sure Fable will sell well...they always do.

tinybigman2591d ago

Yes you are correct. The first fable was just ok, while the second was a major disappointment. Not gonna waste my money buying part 3 just to be let down again.

MNicholas2591d ago

Keep it up Dougie boy! (Douglas is his middle name)

Bnet3432591d ago

LMAO! I love this guy. I like Fable. It's a solid RPG. Not mind blowing, but it's good.

Tachyon_Nova2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Its true that he's never made a great game, not because he makes games for 360, its a good platform. Its also not because his games aren't great, alot of people really like Fable, for example.

It's because he doesn't make them. He might come up with an idea, but I guarantee you he does very little actual game design, level design, coding etc etc.

I hate game producers like him who talk like it is all his work. GTFO and give credit to the people actually making the game.

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theonlylolking2591d ago

True to that. They are all bad.

imoutofthecontest2591d ago

"I believe him, yo. I don't know why, but I do."

cyborg2591d ago

he realized that. He's just an average developer.

He can't break into the "AAA" club, not with the stuff he's making atleast.

IronFistChinMi2591d ago

I truly hope he doesn't listen to his critics who want him to STFU.