PlayStation Move Launches Today in Japan

The Japanese finally get their hands on the PlayStation Move.

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fedex6822737d ago

More the move sells the better for support from developers.

Killzone3Helghast2737d ago

I don't really support motion gaming so..

ABizzel12737d ago

I must actually say Move is pretty fun. It's like the hardcore version of the Wii mote. It's a lot more precise and accurate, and at the same time you have to be a lot more precise and accurate.

Little Big Planet 2 and Eye Pet are pick up and play. The other games take a little getting use to.

sikbeta2737d ago


good or bad?

KZ3D + PlayStaion Move

you tell me?

rroded2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

i dunno got res evil5 n its pretty natural in fact me n the wife r playin n havin fun. Thx to the move cause no way would she play it with the dualshock.

Sports n Party r pick up n play too imo.

edit im stoked for kz3 almost feeling bad for those dualshock only players when it hits ;) if they do it right the aiming n tracking speed with the moves crazy good.

maxcer2737d ago

i would expect too much. the majority of the japanese gaming market has shifted to handhelds.

pedrami912737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Move seriously needs a first person sword & shield wielding rpg game with 1:1 movement.
And a horror game with the move being a flashlight.

Lucreto2737d ago

An oblivion like RPG would be an excellent idea for move.

Apotheosize2737d ago

You read my mind, I would play those games forever my god

WLPowell2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )


What if Sony's London Team has been working on something for Move. I'd be happy with a Getaway-type game built with Move controls in mind.

SexyPrawns2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )


I'm actually kind of worried. I love Move, but it's selling poorly in the US. In Europe, it's selling much better, but still.

I want more developers to support it in the future. I know most of Sony's first-party studios are, but will we get Move support for third-party games?

GodsHand2737d ago

With all of Wii 's games, I am sure it will.

Seijoru2737d ago

How is 500k bad for US?


shows how people percive things based on how the media portrays it,
as you say 500k is brilliant for the US which favours 360

Pennywise2737d ago

500k before its major advertising kicks in... before any major "killer apps". I think 500k is doing real good. Word of mouth will sell this device and coke cans will only help.

jfinesse2737d ago

It's funny how people say 500,000 units is a failure in this industry. In the recording industry that is considered gold, and something people hope for. Don't let the media dictate what you purchase or consider fun.

dredgewalker2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

So now it's 2 million worldwide since launch? God knows how much more it will sell in Japan and I can safely bet that it's gonna reach 3 million before the month ends. This will translate into more devs making Move games or devs making old games Move compatible.

Moentjers2737d ago

that's 1/400 people living in US having a Move already.
Only launchgames and no Coca-cola pub. Not so bad...

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Shadow Flare2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

It's selling very well in Europe though. That won't be ignored. It might blow up in japan too considering the ps3 is now the best selling console there. I can see a similar thing happening to kinect but in reverse. I can see it selling Alot in America but not so much in Europe. And we know it won't sell in japan

avengers19782737d ago

don't worry so much it's already sold 2 million, and today it releases in Japan. With Japan releasing Move it will easily get to 4 to 5 million before the end of the year. It will have plenty of dev support; hell it already does.

jerethdagryphon2737d ago

i just want a more developed version of gladiator duel its good but not perfect use it as a base and make it more accurate

jack_burt0n2737d ago

Of course it will most 3rd party wii titles will have a HD release now, that will cover 3rd parties and in terms of quality first party stuff will be AAA.

RE5 gold has shifted a ton of copies in europe will do the same in japan.

Redempteur2737d ago

Like you wouldn't want a no more heroes HD with full move support.

No more heroes paradise HD Collection ( NMH1&2 HD) with move support.

i'd buy it

jack_burt0n2737d ago

hey redemp,

Yeah I would, maybe I wasn't clear.

Alot of third party support will come from cross platform Wii PS3 titles in the future.

Like No more heroes being published on ps3 by Konami for move early next year.

NateNater2737d ago

I'm from the U.S. and I'd love to buy Move but I seriously can't find it anywhere. Fry's, Best Buy, Target, and even Sam's Club and Costco are all sold out out right now.

The only thing that's easy to find is the Nav Controller.

SexyPrawns2737d ago

You're serious?

Come to Illinois. We have plenty...

NateNater2737d ago

Dude I'm from the Chicago Suburbs lol

avengers19782736d ago

Maybe they don't believe there are plenty in Illinois. IDK about your state, but NW Ohio is pretty much sold out. But I already go mine.
why all the disagrees for asking?

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chasegarcia2737d ago

I'm dying for a great horror game. It would be awesome with move support.

Sheddi2737d ago

I guess the closest u get right now is Heavy Rain. Which is not bad at all, its a good game.

BrutallyBlunt2737d ago

Usually Japan is first to get stuff on the Playstation, what happened?

NoLongerHere2737d ago

My guess is that Sony wanted people to try it at the TGS before the launch.

dirtydbz2737d ago

most of the move games are made by western developers therefor it was released here first

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