WRC FIA World Rally Championship Review |

Blackbean release their rallying title holding a valuable official WRC license - how does it hold up? TheGamingReview find out.

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BigDan802856d ago

Shame it looks like a dog.
Might look for it when the price drops.

PoisonedMonkey2856d ago

Seems like a sensible idea, unless you specifically want a rallying game in which case it's worth a look pretty much straight away.

N4GAddict2855d ago

Ill wait for GT5 instead

level 3602855d ago

I think and hope the price would drop very quickly.. or wait and check at gameshops for a cheaper pre-owned copy.

DjFIL2855d ago

North America is getting it for 'cheap'. $39.99 on PS3/360 and $29.99 on PC. It arrives sometime in November published by Deep Silver. Deep Silver picked up a contract with Milestone for their SBK X, WRC & Superstars V8 titles. I got the demo via the X360 UK Marketplace... yes the graphics are lower quality, but the game play is top notch rally. Got my copy pre-ordered... I'll be jumping for joy when they call to say it's arrived.

WRC on GT5 will be an afterthought... just like NASCAR. You'll get the cars... but not much of a full rally season experience.