Bad taste gaming - The Hall of Shame

Controversy is nothing new to the world of gaming so the furore over the release of EA's Medal of Honor should really come as no surprise.

Megabits of Gaming decided to take some of the heat off the release and revisit some of the most controversial moments in gaming over the years

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Ibwib2856d ago

Heh heh, all of Jack Thomson's in one place, nice.

tacosRcool2856d ago

I didn't see why L4D2 was banned in Australia though. It seems like their version of "democracy" and Europe's own version of "democracy" isn't so democratic at all. Its just as violent as many movies now days so whats the big deal!

gypsygib2856d ago

L4D2 was banned in Australia because it was deemed offensive to all the zombies (drunks) there. There's a patent similarity between the slow, lumbering drunk mumbling incoherently and zombies. The group for drunkee-rights controls the majority of parliament.