PlayStation Network due for Maintenance later today

GamerZines writes:

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have just confirmed that they are to perform routine maintenance on PlayStation Network later today.


Now updated with details regarding what is affected by the Maintenance window.

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Bodster2893d ago

No problem, got Fallout New Vegas today so ill be busy playing that :)

NothingToGainButLove2893d ago

I finally picked up Infamous, I'll get going on that :)

Shadow Flare2893d ago

Do they have to do these maintences at the same time people get home from work? Why can't they do it in the morning, or afternoon, or at night when everyones asleep? They choose the window when most people will want to use it....

SSKILLZ2893d ago

Fallout new Vegas for me !!

PLAYER50952893d ago

OH Noez not one of these again!!!!!!!!

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