Burnout Paradise Video Preview

Criterion's Matt Webster took some time to take through 'Burnout Paradise'. You can go ahead and just pencil them in as "excited" on this one. TheFeed just loves destruction.

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SubZero4098d ago

People can talk Kill Zone, Halo etc. all they want. Im so pissed this game is not going to make it out in time for 07 holiday season. THis is probably my favorite 360 game to date.

Rybnik4098d ago

I agree. The more I see of this, the more excited I become. Not to start a flamewar, but this is the PS3 version we are seeing which is due in January according to IGN. I am curious what the 360 version will look like..better, worse, the same!? Why haven't we seen the 360 version yet?? Anyhow, this PS3 version looks plenty off the hook that I think both sides of the console war will be immensely satisfied by this Burnout.

vaan4098d ago

The take down snapshot idea is brilliant. This will add so much fun to the online dual. I will use PSEYE as I'm getting eye of judgment.