Buy Vanquish, get Alpha Protocol free

Shinji Mikami's Vanquish is just days from release and if you're thinking about picking it up you may want to head down to Tesco.

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tacosRcool2888d ago

Still doesn't make be go out there and buy Vanquish

joydestroy2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

haha yeah i know right. that's not a good incentive

edit: but i do have Vanquish and it's awesome...

HolyOrangeCows2888d ago

"Sir! People are complaining about the low value in Vanquish's extremely short campaign and aren't buying!"
"...hmm? Just add whatever is rotting in storage as an incentive"
"How about Alpha Protocol?"

[The inner workings of Tesco's Marketing division]

Gago2888d ago

and i don't care about alpha protocal

avengers19782888d ago

Wasn't alpha protocal, what's the word, Shitty...
Vanquish looks cool though.

S4NDM4N2888d ago

I'd love to hear the reason why oyu thought it was shitty

Don't tell me, you didn't play it and just looked at scores.

+1 to gamers this gen.

kaveti66162888d ago

Hey Sandman. Alpha Protocol was a shitty game, made by Obsidian all on their lonesome without another better developer throwing a bone their way.

And the result is that Obsidian is a shitty developer that makes mediocre games and is a parasite of the industry.

AwesomeJizz2888d ago

S4NDM4N You are incredible.

S4NDM4N2888d ago

I love how everyone who talks bad about AP hasn't even played the game.

Lets see:

The dialogue and choices are wonderful. Way way way better than Mass Effect's retarded conversation choices where the top choice is BE GOOD and the bottom choice is BE EVIL. I love the time limit and choosing your tone to talk. I also like how how you build your character affects your dialogue choices. not many games do that nowadays weirdly enough. Only Obsidian.
Far more weapons and more customization than Mass Effect 2.

And the combat. Let me explain this. A RPG is when the COMBAT is conducted by STATS. Its about building your character, his strengths and weaknesses through leveling up and distributing points etc.. You can go on and say dumb stuff like ME2 is a RPG because you play the role of a character hur dur. You have choies (like Heavy Rain) hur dur. What makes JRPGs a RPG? The combat is fully conducted by stats.
Alpha Protocol is a true RPG/FPS hybrid. How effective you are with certain weapons and what not fully depends on your stats. Obsidian made an actual RPG/FPS. Look at every single RPG/FPS. Deus Ex. PC gamer ranked it as the number one PC game. How was the combat? Like Alpha Protocol's. It was a pure 50/50 between how well you could do and how well your character's stats could do. This wasn't a shooter with RPG elements like Mass Effect 2, which you could just pick up a weapon and you are constantly just as efficent with it throughout the entire game. ME1 was 60% shooter/40% RPG. Remember how garbage you were with guns at the beginning?

Seriously, all the people who trash talk AP don't even have a clue what they are talking about. Just drones who have ADD and can only read scores and have companies like IGN make decisions for them .

CrzyFooL2888d ago

Check out some REAL Alpha Protocol video Reviews.

It's a real action/rpg . . . best on PC obviously. (Like all Obsidian games)

dinkeldinkse2888d ago

The boss fights. I thought they were ridiculously stupid and unnecessary. Why is an emo, panzy looking,cocaine addict Russian able to take 4,000 bullets(not using the weapon's specials) and still be able to chase me around trying to shank me? Other than the boss fights, I enjoyed Alpha Protocol.

Kalowest2888d ago

I found AP funny as hell. I beat it once, have to beat it 2 more times for the Plat.

vickers5002888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Damnit! No Tesco here :(

I was slightly interested in Alpha Protocol, and I wasn't going to buy Vanquish until a price drop came on account of the short campaign length, but if Alpha Protocol had come with it, then the problem of not getting enough hours of gametime for my money would have been solved.

I can only hope they offer this in the US, and at a common store like a Wal Mart or a GameStop (no best buy here either).

avengers19782888d ago

Poor visuals, poor sound quality, Mediocore combat at best, The controls were terrible. And the game itself had bugs, glitches etc. after being delayed over and over.
Alpha Protocol was shitty, and no where near a Mass Effect level.

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Chucky20032888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

they have too many Alpha P in stock and they want to get rid of them,not a good deal,a short game+a shitty game

Tdmd2888d ago

They really wanna sell this game, don't they! haha

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