GAME outs new Ubisoft Kinect game

With five Kinect games already in the works at Ubisoft, it's clear that the French mega-publisher has big plans to support Microsoft's upcoming full-body motion sensor when it launches next month.

But according to a listing on GAME's website, the publisher also has another Kinect game on the way in addition to the five it's already announced.

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Zir02889d ago

Another exclusive Kinect game to add to the already massive list. The 3rd party support for Kinect is just incredible.

Captain Tuttle2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Incredible? Or my sarcasm meter needs to be recalibrated

Keith Olbermann2889d ago

I can just see those corporate guys at MS throwing money to these third party devs saying "just give us some bullet points here for christ sake!" "your working on five games...heres a million..make it six games..yea" But..whatever sells you on it works I guess.

RankFTW2889d ago

Without clicking the story I am predicting this is some kind of dance "game" or something where you just wave your arms around.

Genesis52889d ago

Yeah and if they are anything like UBI,s stellar raquet sports for Move. I think you should save your money.

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user8586212889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

This is the problem with move, I dont want the option to use dualshock or move, I want actual move only games! At this rate Kinect will get more exclusives then move

@below yh the launch titles are aimed at the casual market, but have you seen gameplay yet 4rm the titles shown at TGS?? they sound like hardcore games to me

Stealth20k2889d ago

I dont want any of this shit but at least sony is only going in partially

while microsoft is forsaking the hardcore gamer for this shit

wat6342889d ago

Huge game list here!!!

My wallets gonna get raped this winter.

Stealth20k2889d ago

killzone 3, little big planet,infamous 2 use move

thats better than this garbage

user8586212889d ago

yh but since I can use dualshock y the hell would I use move?

jack_burt0n2889d ago

go buy RE5 and RUSE both good hardcore games and both you will never ever think of using a dualshock for once you try move.

TagMeIn2889d ago

So you've seen Star's gameplay?
Star is the name of the game by the way, as I have very little doubt that you actually didn't read the article

Kanji082889d ago

A large library doesn't mean much when it's all shovelware. Just look at the Wii pre-2009 for proof of that. Kinect is obviously going to bomb in the eyes of gamers, which is why MS refuses to send out units to game media, but hands 'em off to the audience of Oprah and why their $500 Million marketing blitz is targeting YouTube, Disney, Nickelodeon, Glee, and Dancing with the Stars. I don't doubt that the peripheral will be a success from a business point of view, which is why so many companies are keen to jump on board with their half baked, low budget, casual titles. People will be quick to say, "If you don't like it, don't buy it! Some people are excited for Kinect!", which I suppose is true. I'm just upset that upwards of a billion dollars is being dumped into this thing for a console that is sorely lacking exclusives (No, "not being on the PS3" doesn't qualify L4D2 and Mass Effect as exclusives) or any real identity. With the average AAA blockbuster coming in around $20 Mil for development, a BILLION large could be put to better use imo.

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