Fan made CoD: Blacks OP movie is better than the real deal!

GamingBolt: Well, actually it looks better than what the game offers you with visually, which is errm...virtual in itself but chuck that. This is simply AWESOME!

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gameseveryday2826d ago

Mind blowing, specially the sprinting was amazing.

tacosRcool2826d ago

A way to over hype this game

cyborg2826d ago

dude, that's not the GAME!

THAT's the LIVE-ACTION footage made by fans of the series. :P

Although, m really impressed. Especially how the guy moves and his hand remians so steady. Awesome stuff

LiLTich922826d ago

i think mp1289 was joking ^_^ but it was pretty epic ahha :)

TrevorPhillips2826d ago

hahaha that was funny!

I like the part how he gets the sprinting perk lol xD

DTG_The_Man2826d ago

Maybe not as dedicated to the series as what Freddie Wong did, but awesome nonetheless.

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The story is too old to be commented.