Activision release full track list for Tony Hawk: Shred

GamerZines writes:

Activision have unleashed the full soundtrack set to feature within upcoming title Tony Hawk: Shred, including 64 tracks across Punk, Rock, Hip Hop and Electro genres.

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toaster2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

I have yet to play a sports game with as awesome a soundtrack as Pro Skater 2.

itani2651d ago

They can never top Tony Hawks: Underground soundtrack.

SexyPrawns2651d ago

Did you play Street Sk8er, Dave Mirra's Freestyle BMX, or SSX 3?

toaster2651d ago

SSX3, yes. The others, not really. SSX3 had a great soundtrack as well. Junkie XL, Fischerspooner, Fatboy Slim and Andy Hunter are great. I remember playing that game to death.. I maxed Griff out in a week and stuck with him the whole game. Moby is also a badass, but I mostly played him in the first one and Tricky.

Irnbruguy2651d ago

Aggressive Inline had an amazing soundtrack
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 had an amazing soundtrack
Dave Mirra's Freestyle BMX as Sexy Prawns said down there
SSX Tricky had an awesome soundtrack too

tacosRcool2651d ago

I like Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3's soundtrack as well but true nothing can top number 2!

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dkblackhawk502651d ago

:Activision release full track list for Tony Hawk: Shred: Yet another horrible title by your fellow GamerZines...

MaxOpower2651d ago

One or two good ones, and even some classics. But who decided to ruin all the fucking fun whit Sleigh Bells..... God kill me. But whatever, wasn't like I were going to actually buy it anyways.

Lazy_Gamer2651d ago

I'd like to see their list for all the evil plans they have in store.

SexyPrawns2651d ago

Oh, wow.

Foxy Shazam!

Freakin' A!!! I love them!

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