GAME selling Call of Duty: Black Ops 'Mega Bundle'

Are you a hardcore Call of Duty fan? Do you need to have everything Black Ops-related when it launches in just 18 days time? Do you have more money than sense? Well, this may be the bundle for you.

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scar202705d ago

Only a retard would bend over and pay that much out to kotick.

tacosRcool2705d ago

many retards will pay that much or more. Overhyping the game makes people want to pay even more money

r1sh122705d ago

yep lol. THe tritton headset your get is good, but the headset alone is only £130 or so (black ops edition). The total price game are selling this is at least £100 more than buying each item seperately.
Forget the T shirt of course - who would wear that?

PRHB HYBRiiD2704d ago

the headset is @170 the game $60 controller $60 i year$60 t-shirt$5? and strategy guide $20 that's $375.....not worth it.

Corrwin2705d ago

The same crowd that complains that Activision are gouging them with higher then average prices, and price fixing, but they go ahead and pay up anyway.

The same crowd that is quite happy with shallow team deathmatch.

The same crowd that will complain when the game gets easier for new comers through nerf patches.

Of course they will buy this.

Mafia22002705d ago

As a COD fanboy; I admit the I have more money than sense

scar202705d ago

Joined 47 minutes ago hmmm u look suspicious.

dangert122705d ago

your in touch with the truth bubble for the honesty not many would admit it

RBLAZE19882705d ago

If you're already a hardcore COD fan why would you buy this bundle? Chances are you already have a headset, live gold subscription and you don't need the guide...Cause really I mean who needs a guide for a call of duty game??

JeffGUNZ2705d ago

exactly. Stragety guides are such a waste of money when ANYTHING you could ever want to do in a game is posted on the internet, for free.

TekoIie2705d ago

I'd rather have the race car even if it needs 12 batteries

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