Resolution: Everything as we know it

Resolution's Alan Jack analyses whether DLC is a money grabbing ruse or an evolution in the way games are disseminated: Recently, I sat down to lunch with Denki’s Colin Anderson to catch up and discuss the state of things. The last time we met was a sombre affair. Denki was facing a difficult future, and I was feeling disheartened and let down by the world of video games. This time, the tone was different. We covered a lot of topics, but the general message was clear: everything we know about games is about to change.

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TwistedMetal2858d ago

That means If red dead dlc all together ends up 50 or 60 bucks then you have been ripped of and the devs are doing it wrong and greedily. There is some exceptions but for the most part dlc shouldnt be costing more then the game unless its as long as the game in content and features. Dlc is cheaper to make then the actual game. I mean honestly you think that it costed rockstar much to make those freaking mod lvl quality dlc contents?

Most dlc isnt even on a pc modders lvl.