Fallout: New Vegas vs Vanquish

Two very different games, but they’re both awesome and both released in the same week so… which one should you buy?

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ElementX2831d ago

Hmmmm, a 40+ hour game or a 4 hour game....

Chaostar2831d ago

That's exactly why I bought Vanquish, don't have the time to give Fallout the dedication it deserves. Will definitely pick it up later though, loved Fallout 3.

Baka-akaB2831d ago

depends if the bugs let you play Fallout after 4 hours

j/k btw

NovusTerminus2831d ago

I choose Vanquish... Because I would prefer a different game for my $60. Not a re hash of Fallout 3...

DTG_The_Man2831d ago

Wasn't Fallout 2 a re-hash of Fallout? People still bought it, riiiiight?

danielle0072831d ago

The gameplay. That's it.

The story and locations and people are all completely different.. Which is what made me keep playing Fallout 3. Why would I need different gameplay if they're giving me another bajillion hours worth of story / places to explore / people to meet and fuck with?

Spoiler alert : I don't.

Ryo-Hazuki2831d ago

Vanquish is one of my favorite games ever. Yeah the campaign is short but im going to be beating it at least 5 times plus all the challenge modes as well. Thats easily over 30 hrs. Vanquish is a game about skill and everytime i play it i feel like i can improve my score and time. Plus playing it on God Hard which is almost entirely impossible.

Raendom2831d ago

Fallout. Vanquish is one of those games you forget about immediately, whereas Fallout NV is one that you keep revisiting.

toaster2831d ago

You sure it's not just a bug that won't let you get past a certain point? Yeah you'll be revisiting alright..

Leathersoup2831d ago

I've been playing the game for around 8 hrs so far and haven't experienced a single bug or glitch.

gillri2831d ago

at the moment Vanquish as I dont have time for Fallout at the moment, obviously alot of people here dont appreciate finely tuned gameplay mechanics

probably why Bayonetta didnt sell well

and its about 7 hours not 4

shotgun_ps32831d ago

Bayonetta actually sold alright, it broke a million world wide which is nothing to be scorned at.

Baka-akaB2831d ago

bayonetta sold quite well ,considering its genre or even without doing so .

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