LucasArts explains Force Unleashed II tech

LucasArts has contacted Digital Foundry to talk about the tech behind the forthcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, based on points raised in our PS3/360 demo showdown.

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Redempteur2857d ago

more like finally a technique that work great on both consoles

Chucky20032857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

it doesn't have MLAA,it has their own custom way for AA and that is DLAA,he is talking about MLAA that is has been done only on PS3 and it takes 4 ms on 5 SPU's,and this is great but on 360 its raising from 3.75 and up,so its a bad thing,in short they tried MLAA on both but they couldn't do it on 360,it has serious stability issues

Shaman2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Yes since they are multiplat they cant optimize it as much as first party so they probably had no spus time left.Here...4ms over 5 spus means that every spu,in parallel takes 4 ms to finish.Since game is 30fps each spu has 33ms budget.That means that MLAA takes ~12% of spu time,while DLAA takes ~5%.add to that 12% of time,the time from motion blur,depth of field and bloom you will probably go up to 30% of spu time for everything all together.Add to that vertex processing and other,computing processes you cant just like that add MLAA,you need to optimize game for one platform only to do so.

And no,they have not tried it on 360.That technique on 360(3,7 ms avg) is made by some other guys( and it was only done in XNA so with real dev kit you could probably get better performance.Anyway,with little polish DLAA would look eve better!

BrutallyBlunt2857d ago

"its a bad thing,in short they tried MLAA on both but they couldn't do it on 360,it has serious stability issues"

That is not what he said so read the article again. He said so far it has only been done on the Playstation 3 and there have been some attempts to do it on the XBOX360 but it is highly expensive. They used DLAA.

Here is more on the subject

So do not turn this into yet another my penis is bigger than your penis argument. It's not needed and is simply yet another waste of time. The games (Force Unleashed II)perform pretty much the same on both platforms which is great as the focus should be on the games, not the system.

Shaman2858d ago

DLAA looks seriously nice maaan! :D

Shanks2858d ago

Not as good as MSAA or MLAA but yeah it looks nice.

Shaman2858d ago

Yea but its cheaper than 2xMSAA and especially 4xAA while still looking better.

Digital-_-Smoke2857d ago

implementent MLAA but didn't what a douche

DARK WITNESS2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

i didn't think much of it visually, am I the only one ?

I am only going by what I played of the demo of course.

DigitalAnalog2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

But not the "OMG grphix" some fanboys made it out to be.

Pre-rendered CG on the other hand.....

-End statement

Panthers2857d ago

I know we need to target people in the game, but the way it outlined the target really took me out of the game. I would rather just have like a circle or something around the target. When you outline a target like that, it really looks bad for some reason. I remember they did that with your units in Command and Conquer RA 3. It looked terrible.

For me that really effected the visual quality of the gameplay.

PS360fanboy2857d ago

Played the demo last night. Gameplay iskinda repetitive, not my type of game but the graphics, wow, those are superd! Vader's reflections are stunning.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2857d ago

this is the same shitty game we play with tfu1.very repetitive with shit level design and boring, with a great story. when it hits the $20 bin i'll bit.

Panthers2857d ago

Well a great story sells games for me. I can put up with lackluster gameplay for an amazing story.

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