1UP: The Top 25 NES Games

Whenever you mention the NES among friends, there's always the same number of games you immediately rattle off -- the same ones we've all played and loved. With the NES reaching its 25 anniversary, you'll see a lot of lists in that vein (including this one) on the internet, if you haven't already. But our particular Top 25 isn't the culmination of a huge staff meeting that took an entire day to compile (that would be just a little too silly). While some of the games here are almost objectively great and reached naturally high rankings, this list is more based on the 1UP staff and numerous readers simply stating the games they enjoyed the most. So, it ain't a science, and you may question a couple of things, but all of these games are memorable in their own ways, and we're all aware there are 25 more greats worth playing, or at least namedropping when we're talking about the good ol' days at lunch, or a party, or on the net. That said, here's the short list.......

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