5 games that sold less than Enslaved

80,000 units isn’t a lot – but these games bombed even harder…

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Quagmire2857d ago

What the hell? What kinda article is this? So what if Enslaved has only sold 80,000 copies, its a much better game thean 80% of the crap we see in stores nowadays.

Biglet2857d ago

Correct. You win at Internet.

Game-ur2857d ago

Castlevania Lords of Shadow sold 150k minus Japan, it was a mistake for Enslaved to go up against it in the same day, I think the 2 would have sold better if they were a month apart.

Army_of_Darkness2857d ago

Cause after I tried it out, I was definitely purchasing Lords of shadow over that crap....

Hmmm... I wonder what ninja theory's excuse will be this time since its not PS3 exclusive?! lol!

Tapey2857d ago

lol yeah that's really gotta sting. They whined and cried so much about Heavenly Sword even though it sold over a million copies and Sony did a lot to promote the game for them. Now they've gone multiplat and can't even sell 1/10th the amount of copies, well done dumbasses.

LoVeRSaMa2857d ago

When I saw the sales figures for Enslaved...


TVippy2857d ago

The last time Heavenly Sword sold at least over a million. 80K is not even funny. Namco is gonna sink with such sales.

jjank112857d ago

haha, I'm not buying that game (or at least at $60) because I'm still angered they did not continue the Heavenly Sword storyline and stick with PS3.

I guess the sales #'s show that Ninja Theory chose the wrong path, especially since Sony was giving them alot of support.

DarkTower8052857d ago

I'll pick this up at a bargain bin, which sounds like will be right around the corner.

Chubear2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

So Lair sold better uh? Wow. First week of Lair Sales was 140k (on one platform) and then the bad press hit hard and trickled it down but hey it still managed to sell over 750k though.

Ironically enough, Lair has about the same or more sales as Alan Wake (750k). If you haven't played Lair go out now and buy the thing. We've seen by now that reviews are full of crap this gen.

It's 10-15 bucks, the cost of a downloadable game and with everyone NOW comfortable with motion control gaming (you have the option of using regular DS3 though), you'll wonder what the hell the big deal was in the first place.

..oh yeah, b4 vgc vermin come in here talking about Lair's sales being only 400k, VGC is crap. They only have sales for a game for 4-5months & for Lair, in NA & JPN only. Unless you believe VGs completely stop selling after 4months :/ If you look at proper sales reports, Lair sold roughly 750k (EU has similar sales # to NA). Don't whine just be better educated :)

but the irony of "the crappiest PS3 exclusive" 1st gen game, out selling "block buster AAA 360 exclusive" and a multiplat game (5th gen games) by developers who cried that their PS3 exclusive only sold 1.5million is side splitting to me XD

gaffyh2857d ago

Enslaved is actually really good though, I just think they released it as a wrong time. They should have targeted like June/July because they would have had no competition. Enslaved is good (~8), but it isn't better than Castlevania (~9) and on top of that it is a new IP, so they should have gone for the game drought for release.

seann2857d ago

all i can say is that you get what you deserve.

CimmerianDrake2857d ago

Can we expect the same of DmC?

I predict that NT will come out of the woodworks soon, coming up with an excuse as to why Enslaved was outsold by, not only Heavenly Sword (which NT constantly puts down), but also Lords of Shadow.

When will they understand that it's no ones fault but their own? They can't blame the PS3's architecture or userbase, because A)The game is multiplatform, and B)Heavenly Sword outsold it, so that proves PS3 gamers do buy games they feel are worth their money. If anything, Enslaved has shown that both 360 users and PS3 users, largely, didn't want the game. Granted it's still early.

I really hope Capcom takes a look at the HUGE risk they've taken putting NT in charge of DmC with all of their whining, lack of a real portfolio in game production (they made like 2 games so far?), and lack of interest from gamers in a multiplatform game. That's 2 userbases saying "we think there are better games than Enslaved". Who's to say that they won't say "we know there are better games than DmC".

I don't want to play as Dante Antoniades, so I'm likely not going to buy DmC. I may only be one person, but I'm probably not the only one. I didn't buy Enslaved either.

jeseth2857d ago

I could go on a serious rant about Ninja Theory but all I can say is Kharma's a bitch!

Heavenly Sword deserved a sequel. The story is excellent and was left in a way where it could be continued.

Now comes Enslaved (which I bought during Toys 'R US's Buy 2 get 1 Free sale last week) which has gone multiplatform after Ninja Theory blamed Sony for whatever they were unhappy about. I mean seriously, Sony promoted HS pretty well, Nariko was easily recognizable and was getting a lot of attention, and the game sold over a million copies. What else do you want from a new IP?

Enslaved, even though it has definately borrowed elements from HS (is Trip Nariko's lost lost sister form the future?, is a really good game. It has a well laid out story, exciting sequences, well designed characters (with stupid names) and enemies, nice graphics, etc. It's all there.

The timing was all wroig for Enslaved and they should have shut their mouths and not whined about HS and PS3. As a new IP it should have been released in July or August, there is just too much competition coming to the market.

With a install base of over 60 million consoles (360/PS3) its incredible this game sold 80K. Hey, what goes around...really goes around. Shoulda kept your mouth shut Ninja Theory and just focused on another great game. Enslaved is great but the masses have spoken.

End rant. LOL.

Gago2857d ago

the game plays itself for you, everything is automatic

no wonder it sold like shit

I had rather get Castlevania and Vanquish (which i did)

Darrius Cole2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )


80,000 copies. I don't know where that number comes from, but VG chartz counts 100,000 copies across all platforms. I know VG Chartz is not perfectly accurate but they are the most consistently available source for this type of info. But I digress....

80,000 copies????!!! IS THAT ALL!!

After all that smack-talking about how they couldn't make money from selling 1.5 million copies of Heavenly Sword, Ninja Theory go and make a game that sells less than 100K in its first 3 weeks. Heavenly Sword 2 would have sold 1 million copies in its first week, and probably would have sold around 2 million total. Instead they sell a tiny fraction of that.

I wonder if they made money from selling 100K copies of Enslaved? I wonder if they will tell the truth this time.

It is becoming more and more clear that Ninja Theory is incompetent. The sheer absurdity of the claiming to be unable to profit from selling 1.5 million copies is proof enough. Either they are so incompetent that they grossly overspent on the development, or they are too incompetent to tell a reasonable lie.

Then they (Ninja Theory) chose to ignore the fans who obviously wanted a Heavenly Sword sequel, ignore the better environment for Heavenly Sword's platform (the PS3), and ignore the fact that they already had done the hard part of the work by making a custom engine for the PS3 and NOT make Heavenly Sword 2.

Moreover, they kept talking smack about how bad their experience was with PS3, in spite of the fact that ALL of their current fans were PS3 fans, but not just ordinary PS3 fans. All of Ninja Theory fans were Heavenly Sword fans who bought their PS3's in year 1 and paid $500 or $600 for their PS3. So Ninja Theory fans were a solid vein of the biggest spending fans in console gaming.

Well, not to worry. For now, it is time for Ninja Theory gets to try Devil May Cry. Devil May Cry is such an old and established franchise that they couldn't possibly mess it up. Surely, they couldn't snatch defeat from the jaws of victory again. They have to get this one right. Don't they? Don't they?

They changed his hair color? WHAT THE......

ReservoirDog3162856d ago

Well, +1 once I can afford it next month.

totallysane2856d ago

personally i loved the new castle...i can't wait for the sequel

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toaster2857d ago

Nice attempt at stealth trolling, x360magazine...

BillOreilly2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Man this game was amazing! I cant believe all the hate just because NT went multiplat instead of heavenly sword 2. Get over it! New ip's are good and this one was the sh**. I cant wait for dmc reboot because i love nt and the series was stale as hell with dmc4 being boring as hell. I couldnt even beat it lol. This game has similar platforming to uncharted which everyone praises yet yall despise this games platfoming??? Scripted platforming lol ok guy

Rainstorm812856d ago

im sorry Enslaved is mediocre at best, the platforming is nothing like the Uncharted series. On enslaved every thing you can platform on is highlighted and glowing, then its only like 3 footholds til you get where you need to be.

The problem with enslaved is it trys to hard to be like uncharted, but with the limited combo system, the half ass upgrade system, and piss poor controls, it deserved its low sales.

Just because its a New IP doesnt make it a good game my friend.

fishd2857d ago

Enlsave sold only 80K copies? o.O
Are you sh1tting me?

Is that WW or NA only?

MorganX2857d ago

I'm waiting for that too. This appears to be a stealth troll. ENSLAVED is one of the best games to come around in a long time and PS3 fanboys appear to despise Ninja Theory for going multiplat and becuase the game, like most multiplats, looks and performs better on Xbox.

My God, I sound like a fanboy. I'm going to have to avoid N4G for at least a week before I become completely transformed into one of those creatures.

CandyCaptain2857d ago

If that were the only problem, wouldn't it have sold a ton on 360. Have you considered it's just a mediocre game that had a bad release window -_- I mean I think it would've done better for itself had it released b4 Halo Reach, like 2 weeks b4 it at least. As for why it sold bad on Ps3? Well lots of other stuff came out namely Castlevania and PS move along with a ton of move games @[email protected]' Though I do enjoy the story, gameplay lacks in my opinion, that and it has a non-existent replay value atm <.<

*Off to go get candy for the kiddies* ^.^

sikbeta2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Funny how this guy (morgan) turn this crap into a fanboy-war...

"nah, cuz da sony fanbayz... it's thier faultz...bla..bla"


spandexxking2857d ago

as a sony fanboy i didnt care that ninja theory went multiplat. just thought id let you know as you seem to be the michael pachter of sony fanboys.
you do know this info came from an xbox magazine right?

Redempteur2857d ago


Maybe just MAYBE enslaved isn't THAT good ?
Not a fanboy but people can dislike the game or scripted platforming ?
Or not be impressed by the demo.
Or dislike the same combat system over and over with no deep mecanics( no skills required ).

you know having their opinion about the game.

Baka-akaB2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

You are sounding a tad ridiculous with your claim morganX and indeed like a new breed of fanboy : NT theory fanboys , or apologists .

Most people dont give a crap about interview dramas , console wars etc ... They saw material about the game or tried the demo and werent impressed enough to care , especially with packed concurrence , even within the same genre .

And when it comes to people that give a crap , Heavenly was hardly a plebiscit , but a game most forgot and never actually loved that much , at least here . There were only a few posters proclaiming love for the game , before Ninja theory went multiplatform . Hardly a new stance and change as some kind of pseudo backlash for going multi .

Finally Heavenly sword sold (actually very well) as an not awesome but solid LAUNCH title .
What made anyone believe that close to the same experience , arguably better or inferior , would fare that much better , alongside an equally hyped (much better) castlevania , the previously released halo reach , pes/fifa games , and other big games ?

Hack and slash games dont even usually sell gow3 , dmc and as a distant third HS numbers

mrcash2857d ago

Enslaved looked so much better on the still shots, after playing the demo I lost interest. It seems like a very empty world.

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zeddy2857d ago

true i never know why they release games on the same day as others, why not just wait a couple of weeks or a month even when theres nothing coming out.

MorganX2857d ago

I haven't seen sales numbers. But I just bought it last week and I don't buy many disc based games. It's one of the best games I've played and one of the best looking games I've played.

Given the voluminous number of 8+ reviews, someone's buying it and playing it. Not a lot of marketing though. I didn't buy Uncharted 2 until it was out for almost a year so, sometimes it takes time for word to spread expecially with Castlevania and now Kinect coming up during the same time frame.

UltimateIdiot9112857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

You like it, that's fine but don't expect everyone else to say it's great.

I've tried the demo, and I thought the control and gameplay was extremely weak. The jumps and reactions were lagging/slow. It did not have the smoothness I got from Uncharted 2 nor was it close to AC2. If we are talking about best looking/best game, that's subject. My personal favorite this generation is Valkyria Chronicles and best looking would be Uncharted 2 for now until GT5 is out.

I too normally don't buy disc based game, the last title I bought at launch date was Heavy Rain and recently the Move but 1 week after launch due to a deal. Now, I buy mostly bargain bin unless I feel like it's a worthy day 1 buy like GT5. So the fact you rarely buy disc games is irrelevant to your argument.

Anyway, Enslaved does not feel like a $60, but more of a $15-$20 title.

I stop caring about reviews since the beginning of this generation especially when GTA4 got 10s all over.

kneon2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Not all the reviews are positive

And this was no throwaway half assed review, they may have been a little harsh but they have some valid points that others just glossed over.

avengers19782857d ago

Well I do want this game Im just gonna have to wait until the price goes down, and More into the summer time when less is coming out.
I think Enslaved is going to be good, but don't have the Time to really play it right now,

marinelife92857d ago

I'd love to see the numbers for Heavenly Sword 2 whenever it gets released by a Sony studio for comparison.

TVippy2857d ago

I mean I don't like Ninja Theory and all, because I always expect GREAT games from them and they make only GOOD games. But 80k is unbelievable. Only jampacked October can explain this.

jjank112857d ago

I tend to agree that sales numbers are not always the mark for a good game........BUT it certainly helps.

It might be better than 80% of games out there now but for me, it is probably not better than 10% of the games I own. Although, I have only played the Demo of the game. It failed to capture excitement for me.

raztad2857d ago

Where does that 80K figure come from?

Enslaved was in the top ten of UK chart. Tailing LoS in the PS3 and leading LoS in the xbox.

tacosRcool2857d ago

Proves that they should of stuck as a PS3 exclusive developer. At least Heavenly Sword sold more than a million compared to this

UltimateIdiot9112857d ago

I say it proves that they just got lucky and there weren't a whole lot of competition at the given time. Now that we are so far into this gen, we see more and more good games with better quality.

It's just a sign that says if they fail to keep up with other developers, they are probably not going to make it to next gen.

I personally feel even if they stuck with Sony, Enslaved wouldn't be that much better than it is now.

Gago2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

also: this article is pathetic damage control

cmrbe2857d ago

but i agree. So what if it sold only 80k?. If its a great game and you have it then you should be happy.

Why do x360 media and fans have the need to feel good about games they buy by having it sell truck loads?. It dosen't makes any sense at all.

Last gen a few of us PS fans experience two of some of the greatest expereince in gaming with ICO and SOTC. Both didn't sell more than a million and yet the 3rd game TLG is still one of the more highly anticipated games this gen.

Kids should learn by now. It's never about quantity.

PS360fanboy2857d ago

Poor Ninja Theory...they make good games but the sales are never there...

xTHRASHx2857d ago

Enslaved is fantastic, much better than any of the games on that list. I am being serious. Its wonderful. I gave it a 9.6

Rainstorm812856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

note to self stay away from reviews...........

xTHRASHx2856d ago

Raiinstorm81 is an idiot.

Rainstorm812856d ago

Well everyone's entitled to thier own opinion.

....and looking at yours on myself and Enslaved

Your Opinions to me = SHYT

cyberwaffles2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

whats even crazier if you think about is the fact that Heavenly Sword sold over a million copies exclusively for the ps3 when the install base was probably less than half of what it is now (just estimating, not being exact.) enslaved was released as a multiplatform title with 60+ million userbase (360 and ps3, approximate) yet gets abysmal sales?

karma really is a bitch. Ninja theory should've stayed exclusively with sony, or at least made heavenly sword 2 since its a lot more recognizable and HS was a pretty decent success for a launch title.

Jerkstore812856d ago

Very true. I think what it comes down to is Ninja Theory to this day STILL whines about their Heavenly Sword sales - a game that came out over three years ago mind you - and has been vocal on pinning blame on the platform they released it on. Now they make a game that's multiplatform and still see weak sales. Makes you question what Ninja Theory has been preaching all these years.

DigitalAnalog2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

It's disgraceful the way they've handled the port of the PS3 like they were a bunch of "noobs" into gaming foray. The fact that they don't support SURROUND sound on the PS3 (a feature no matter what system was the PS3's MOST DEFINITE ADVANTAGE) because of "poor" choice just sealed the deal preventing me and many others from purchasing this game.

I really hate to say this but NT deserves only this amount of sales. They've pissed off their STRONGEST fanbase (notice how SE did the same), and now the sales have revealed itself. This goes to show that multiplats do NOT indicate stronger sales. There is a difference between "niche" sales and sales in "general". FFXIII would've sold 5 - 7 million on the PS3 alone had Nomura continued to develop on the project.

However, I would still buy this game... USED and on the 360. I don't think they can look at themselves after this and say... "we did good people. We did good."

-End statement

Darrius Cole2856d ago

I agree the multi-plats do not equal stronger sales. Some games naturally belong one platform or the other because the fanbase naturally prefers that type of game.

Moreover, developers should learn that they should NEVER change a game's platform after they have made the announcement.

Gamers are emotional. The fact is that we all have more games available to us than we can possibly play. If a developer goes out of the way to piss the fans off, the fans will go somewhere else.

I agree that FFXIII would've sold 5-7 million on PS3 alone if it had remained a PS3 exclusive. After all, it got zero PS3 advertising in the west. Not to mention the sheer emotion of created by the way they announced the change to multi-platform development, no doubt cost a lot of PS3 sales.

Ninja Theory's constant smack-talking shot them in the foot. Pissing off one set of fans doesn't automatically make another set of fans love you.

roguewarrior2856d ago

but i just want to point out, that the PS3 game does support uncompressed LPCM 5.1 over the HDMI port, but no surround sound if you have your console attached to the amp with Toslink(optical), which many people do(im running both A/V through HDMI, so doesn't affect me). Still Dolby Dig. should be mandatory, cant imagine what NT was thinking.

cyberwaffles2856d ago

no surround sound? thats an immediately red flag in my book. thats easily my favorite feature about the ps3 over my 360. shit, i sometimes i use my ps3 just for music because the quality is so good instead of the 360's in-game music.

and thats another thing. i bought my new 360 slim about a month ago and theres a few things that i'm dissapointed with. for one, why can't i split the composite cable lines? is microsoft trying to force me to buy an optical cable or HDMI (now that i think about it, i don't think it has HDMI either!) and what the fuck is up with the HDD? i know this has to be a microsoft sales tactic because their propietary HDD are nothing but a huge rip off. the SATA HDDs are the only way to go and yet MS pulls some bullshit like that. so pissed off about that.

other than that, ME2 is a fucking BLAST!

TheDude2dot02856d ago

Did they forget about Rock Revolution? It sold only 3,000 copies in a month

NewZealander2856d ago

its a great game, but i put off buying it for a few weeks, looks like ill wait a little bit longer now, this is sure to hit the bargain bin soon!

visualb2856d ago

I think so.

shame though, enslaved looked great =|

vhero2856d ago

I guess thats the last time they decide to slag ps3 and go mutliplatform again eh? It really doesn't work out for all developers.. A no name action game on the 360 and they expected it to sell well... Oh dear..

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ElementX2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Pointless "article". They compare Enslaved with an 80 something score to a bunch of 40 point average titles like they're even in the same league. The site doesn't even state the source of their sales numbers.

TheLastGuardian2856d ago

How Come Ninety Nine Nights II didn't sell? It's an EXTREEM hack and srash title.

vhero2856d ago

because like its prequels it blows! I had the original for my 360 and it was terrible the idea is great but the devs cannot do it right.

big_silky2857d ago

the difference is that those games sold poorly because they're shit, enslaved is a good game that's wasted on the piss poor taste of modern gamers. they'd rather drool like waterheads while playing medal of honor than give something different a shot.

HolyOrangeCows2857d ago

"enslaved is a good game that's wasted on the piss poor taste of modern gamers"

.....I don't know about that. The game plays itself in platforming and the combat isn't interesting. A gamer with taste, modern or not, has full right not to be a fan.

FunAndGun2857d ago

"The game plays itself in platforming and the combat isn't interesting."

That was my problem. All I did was point in a direction and hit X, X, X,...It just wasn't very fun.

nnotdead2857d ago

agree. thats the feeling i came away with from the demo. still, i do want to have a play through, because the story and acting is where Ninja Theory really get things right.

can't help but think this as some sort of karma(silly i know). i don't want them or this game to fail, but all the Sony bashing and complaining about HS sales kind of got on my nerves.

i still think its video game pricing that hurts tittles like Enslaved. $60+ for one game is a pretty big investment for a lot of people, so they tend to stick with what they know. people know they like Halo, COD, GT, MGS, Final Fantasy, etc, so why risk all that money on a game they may not even like. especially when big publishers like EA and Activision have made everything into a yearly franchise. people know games they enjoy are only around the corner each year, so why and take a chance on games like Enslaved.

now if the average game was half the price they are now (what i think is more of an impulse price range) i believe more of the small to medium sized games would receive much better sales. the problem is the bigger tittles wouldn't get that much more. you also have the problem of who makes the first effort. you don't want your game to look like a budget tittle, so companys would have to do on a game that has selling potential, but again how much of a sales increase would actually come from the cheaper price?

DOMination2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Also, the developers are mouthy, arrogant [email protected]

Raendom2857d ago

There's nothing different about Enslaved. It also couldn't have come at a worse time, with Castlevania LoS the same week which was effectively the same genre of game, with so much more hype.

AKS2857d ago

I own both games, and Enslaved and LoS are very different experiences. Both were wonderful games, though.

MorganX2857d ago

^^^ Same here. I got ENSLAVED second and I have to say, I haven't played Castlevania since I got it. I will finish Castlevania, it's excellent. But ENSLAVED is captivating. With each chapter I want to keep going.

I didn't think I'd like the combat after the Demo, but yaay, you can shoot with the staff. It's also more strategy obviously, figuring out how to beat the mechs based on their position, condition and your available ammo. Really nice, I love it. Demo has to be the worst showcase in history. It's nothing like the actual game experience.

If you like the story, check out the B Sci-Fi flick Downstream. Warning, it's R-rated. Enslaved has better acting, but I think you'll like it if you like Enslaved.

mastiffchild2857d ago

No, worst two demos showcases were for Sega games:1, Valkyria Chronicles-great game with a demo that put nearly everyone who played it off the final release, awful job and, 2, Sonic Unleashed-no mention at all of the sodding Werehog in the demo and only showed the good speedy platforming, classic Sonic parts. Very misleading on both counts.

Enslaved, on the othger hand, while I like it remains a game where the story is a lot more important than most gameplay mechanics so won't appeal all round. Lovers of GOW or Bayo/DMC style games will find the combat a bit shallow at a guess(I like the game myself)and the platforming is just pants. It's got a generous Metacritic as I'd give it a 7/1-0 myself but if you like cinematic stories in your games it's still a good un. IOn terms of combat and game play I'd say HS was the better, deeper NT game and, in fact, was another game with a crappy demo that put people off cos they never told you where the depth in the combat was or even fully explained the colour system. D'oh!