Microsoft Banks on 'Halo 3' to Boost XBOX Sales

All Things Considered, August 27, 2007 · Halo 3, scheduled for release in September, is one of the most-anticipated video games of the year. The two previous versions were blockbusters. Halo 3 is exclusively for Microsoft's XBOX 360 console, and Microsoft hopes the new game will boost sales of its console.

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xCAPTSTONERB91x4075d ago

how is this news worthy........yeah like we didnt know halo 3 is gona boost sales....

Tackle9904075d ago

Exactly...I don't get it either..

DG4075d ago

Since this is BS news how about some number predictions...I say Halo brings in an extra 4 Million (at the most) consoles to their fan base over a 6 month period.

Dr Pepper4075d ago

Halo bringing in an extra 4 million? Even over a 6 month period, that sounds pretty high.

tfur4075d ago

This one is pretty good, because it actually mentions all of the consoles.

It mentions:
Microsofts's Halo sales, the smoking wheel recall, and the RROD
the PS2 sales current and history
Thoughts on PS3 sales/marketing technique.
It mentions the Nintendo Wii sales, and there lead

Above all, it is good because it shows what normal people are hearing. More people heard this NPR story this afternoon, coming home from work, than all of todays blogging sites visitors combined.