Games industry doesn't like talking about Metacritic (except Frictional)

BeefJack: "Since the story a while back that certain Sonic games were to be pulled from retail due to less-than-fantastic Metacritic ratings, I’ve been trying to piece together a feature on the industry’s attitude towards the ubiquitous reviews aggregator. However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from the matter, it’s that the industry is keeping its lips zipped."

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darkcharizard2859d ago

Only the fanboys care for this site, while comparing each other's systems LOL!

jony_dols2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Well I care about it, when I splash out my hard earned cash.

SkyCrawler2858d ago

But it is truly ridiculous watch the lengths some people will go to defend a gaming system.

deadreckoning6662858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

@darkcharizard and SkyCrawler- Agree 100%

@jony_dols- Reviews don't mean shit because everyone has different opinions. With metacritic, you basically base your opinion on 50-60 opinions when there are hundreds of millions of gamers out there with hundreds of millions of opinions. There are other ways to make sure ur not chucking ur cash in the toilet.

You can rent games.
Play games at a friends house.
Play demos.
Watch gameplay videos.

If your into reviews, that fine with me, but I'm just trying to make you understand that reviews aren't necessary in order to make a decision on what game to buy. A week ago I wasn't planning on getting Black Ops at all, but because of the gameplay videos I've seen recently..Black Ops is a definite buy for me...regardless of reviews.

sikbeta2858d ago

psyduck >> charizard



I care about teh scorez, I want to know what the pseudo-gaming-journoz say about the games I like, there is nothing bad with that...

EvilBlackCat2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

you are a complete fool if you follow game rating scores.

Example: I DONT LIKE

1. MW2
2. Killzone 1 and 2
3. Heavy Rain
4. Medal of Honor games
5. Need for Speed games
6. Devil May Cry Games
7. Infamous
8. Prototype
9. Gears of War Multiplayer (because of the lame control)
10. Uncharted

and many others.

So can anybody tell me their reviews scores?

I dont trust review scores because is just numbers to me.

I try the demo (if there is one) or I rent the game 1st if im not sure about it.

ChickeyCantor2858d ago


Ive played nough games that scored low or avarage and stilled enjoyed them.

One can claim i have bad taste(which differs per person, and i disagree), but atleast im playing more games in the end i win.

Aleusia2858d ago

What is your beef with DMC?

JakeyBaby2858d ago

Translating a number/percentage/stars/grades in to words is more trust worthy to me. Because I don't trust robots.
If I have a human being who plays games like I play games, explaining his/her experience with 'x' game. I feel more comfortable trusting that review (or defying it in some cases).
Shop around for your reviews, in the same sense as you do when you buy games, and you'll have a much broader view of opinions. Take what you like from each :)

x out of 10... pah! Just numbers.

Baka-akaB2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

And they shouldnt care , it's worthless ...

It's a free for all where anyone add any obscure reviews site or blog , with not set list of trusted sites .

What's the point of comparing say two fps' scores , when one get 30 reviews , the other 45 , and them sharing barely half the same reviews sites ?

Of course the one with the higher amount of reviews can easily be bumped or lowered that way ...

If you need reviews , stick to guys you trust and share some opinions with

AwesomeJizz2858d ago

When I buy games I don't give a shit about those sites. I ask my friends if they liked that certain game, and if they did I buy it.

JakeyBaby2858d ago

I'm always - that friend, because I buy the most games hehe
Based on about 4-5 reviews mind you :P

JakeyBaby2858d ago

I think it's a good time to point out that the internet review sites in general is quickly losing their credability. Part due to the fact anyone can call themselves a 'juuurnalist' on the internet, and part due to all the controversy over game reviews released while under sponsership by said game publisher.

It may be fair to say it's cermenting the position of games Magazines as credible sources of review information. After all they're not only funded by their adverts, but by us.

chasegarcia2858d ago

I follow them a little. Just to make sure I don't buy an empty disc and download the game with a patch priced at $9.99.

theonlylolking2858d ago

Game rating should be destroyed. It should just be what that person thought of the game then you decide through a few experiences if you want the game.

colon2858d ago

EA Sports doesn't mind talking about Metacritic scores. Well, at least Peter Moore doesn't seem to...