RUMOR - Nintendo Power review scores for Sonic Colors

Go Nintendo - We're hearing a rumor about the review scores for Sonic Colors from the latest issue of Nintendo Power. Do not take this as confirmed just yet. Once we get a confirmation one way or another, we'll update you guys.

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Cheeseknight282893d ago

Nintendo Power gave Sonic and the Black Knight an 8/10. This score really doesn't matter one way or another - I would wait for other reviewers.

gumgum992893d ago

I think that was a different reviewer. Nintendo reviews aren't just done by one person, but a group of people with their own opinons.

Cheeseknight282892d ago

The review was approved either way. Yeah the reviewer himself to take a lot of the blame, but the editors let it in.

lizard812882893d ago

from what i've seen, the wii version is getting high scores, which is amazing....could the Sonic Cycle be broken?????