The iPad May Beat Nintendo at Its Own Game

The iPad’s success should be concerning to companies like Microsoft and Sony whose home gaming platforms, the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, appear to be cheaper than tablets like the iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab but end up requiring greater investment on the part of consumers due to software and peripheral costs.

The company under greatest threat from the tablet surge, however, is Nintendo.

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Moentjers2894d ago

lol, yeah they 'only' sold 4,7 million in stead of 5,2 million.

just keep away from those analysts, they got us into the latest worldwide crisis.

NothingToGainButLove2895d ago

I honestly don't think Apple has a "significant" impact on the handheld market. No one really goes out to buy an iPod solely cause they want to play games... Unless my observations are incorrect.

toaster2895d ago

No.. but they go out to buy iPods and then discover the App Store. At this point I'm sure there are more people with iPods than one particular console/handheld. Most recent numbers I saw have put iPod touch sales at around 45 million.

rareairtone2895d ago

Are you serious?

DS has 132 million units sold.

PSP has 62 million units sold.

Fuck outta here.

toaster2895d ago

Hmm. I guess you didn't catch the uncertainty of my comment there.. I don't really follow sales :3 All I know is that iPods are selling like hotcakes.

rwarner1742895d ago

People buy iPods,Pads,Phones to be ripped off when they could buy a more functional Andriod based HTC. People that are afraid to learn how to use their device buy mac products. The only way to do anything useful with it is to jailbreak it.

imoutofthecontest2895d ago

This conversation reminds me of...

Shang-Long2895d ago

i have duke nukem on my i playing and the whole time im wishing i have buttons and a joystick...

BillOreilly2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

I did pal. I bought a 2nd gen touch for 80 so i can play chaos rings, ff1-2, and more. I didnt get a iphone or android because i use my celphone for work and it gets dinged up alot. I also use it for music and movies as a bonus. I had to upgrade my busted up 2gb nano though but thats why i got it otherwise id get a cheap p3 player. I love all gaming equally and the iphone ipad exc kick ass to me. Ipad with hd and better games like rage would be like a 360 or gaming pc plus all the cool features apps on a smaller screen. Put cod on it and watch 30 million sell. Modern combat 2 kicks ass btw!

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dredgewalker2895d ago

Wow just wow......I really can't take Apple seriously with all these BS propaganda's.

sikbeta2895d ago

half-assed mini-games from specific devices are no threat for any company...

tacosRcool2894d ago

Steve Jobs is a douche

Apple products are for people too stupid to know real value of money

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RememberThe3572895d ago

But when it comes to consoles handhelds don't give the same experience. The iPad my be a threat to PSP2 and 3DS but I don't really see it being a problem for the consoles.

belal2895d ago

the thing is, i pad is good, just not for gaming...

BYE2895d ago

Stop trolling, it's a good device for what it is.

ElementX2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

I have the iPad mini, it's called the iPod touch. Seriously though, what is this thing good for? Now Apple released a new slim notebook PC so all those diehard fans will ditch the iPad for the latest, greatest overpriced Apple product.

MultiConsoleGamer2895d ago

The iPad and the Nintendo DS are not even in the same market.

Insecure companies like to talk sh*t about better companies merely hoping some of the fame will rub off on them. Apple may have a slice of the PC market, but they'll never touch Nintendo in the portable market.

To win the race, you actually have to be in the race. Get it?

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