Shipment Results Preview for July-Sept for the Big Three

PS3 HW - 2.8m units shipped (2.0m sold). Sony sold 400,000 fewer PS3s this quarter than in the previous September quarter. However, like the previous September quarter, a new model / bundle was introduced and so Sony had to make sure there were enough Move bundles in case sales were surprisingly good for September and beyond. So as with the previous quarter, I have Sony shipped 800,000 more PS3s than they sold. It still looks like a down quarter though. Software shipments were likely 25m-30m units - it will partially depend on how Sony counts bundled software with Move.

X360 HW - 3.2m units shipped (2.8m sold). Microsoft normally overships more than this to prepare for the holiday rush but the company probably needs to leave physical space for Kinect bundles over the December quarter, so sales should be near shipment figures. The Slim / temporary clearance sale lift also began in June, so the push to prepare for bigger demand is spread between this quarter and the June quarter.

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I'm not even sure what this clown is getting at. Sad that he's tarnished the name of such an intelligent, humorous comedy icon with his ramblings.

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Go here: Look just under his avatar and hit ignore. The problem is it also hides any replies to his worthless post.

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shutupandplay2854d ago

The 360 sold 2.8 million this quarter while the PS3 and Wii only sold 2 million! That`s absolutely fantastic. Not only that, but Kinect has not even launched yet, it`s going to get ugly here pretty soon.

a08andan2854d ago

I always wait for the quarterly numbers to come up on this page.

So there is no point in speculating about how much any console really has sold until they give us the official numbers. Its been a good year for all consoles :)

a08andan2854d ago

I can't find Microsoft's official page nor Nintendos. Anyone who could post those links? :)

Optical_Matrix2854d ago

Nice made up sales figures. I'm pretty sure all 3 probably sold and shipped more than this brass website is leading us to believe.

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