Windows Phone 7 Launching in UK Today, With No Retailers Stocking Handsets

The highly-anticipated launch of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft’s latest effort to court the lucrative mobile phone market, is set to take place today in the UK. With a reported seven handsets offering the unique features the operating system proposes, including the ability for gamers to utilise the system as an extention of the Xbox 360 and PC activities vua the online network, Xbox LIVE, Microsoft has done well to build support for the firmware prior to launch. However, it’s a launch that seems set to be somewhat muted, as no retailers appear to be stocking the compatible handsets.

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RememberThe3572861d ago

Maybe it's just off to a slow start. It seems like a great OS and I haven't heard anything negative about it yet.

EasilyTheBest2861d ago

...stick around on this website you will soon hear plenty of negatives about it. Even if its amazing someone will find plenty of faults.

green2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

So am i blind seeing HTC mozart 7 on ? or HTC HD 7 on O2 homepage?

Infact as of today, i have already seen two Orange network commercials on SKY1, advertising Win mobile 7.

bartender642861d ago

I'm confused, wasn't this supposed to hit carriers on November 10??

TheLeprachaun2861d ago

In America. It launches today in Europe.

jjmustoe2861d ago Show
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