Killzone 3: Amazing New Closed Beta Footage Emerged (HQ, M82 Action)

New Killzone 3 closed beta footage has been emerged.

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boing2854d ago

throw the word amazing in there and hope that makes it to the front page

RememberThe3572854d ago

Haters having a long night?

DORMIN2854d ago

Day One. This is looking so good. Can't wait to jump into a mech!

BTW For those that want to see more, there are videos up that show the new skills, weapons, and class unlocks on YouTube

sunnygrg2854d ago

Please post them and have a bubble, Mr Fox

AKA2854d ago

Or rest.

Killzone 3 will be more fun this time and more users will like it this time.

Cx2Fake2854d ago

LOL word! they NEED to troll 1st before bedtime because its how they can sleep well every night.=D

Lykon2853d ago

wow that looks incredible! i'm a bit too old and slow for this sort of game, but i could happily watch someone playing that for hours. Interesting tactics , couldn't quite work out why he was throwing them grenade things. this looks about 1 million times better than mw2 and those generic mp shooters, proud to be a ps3 owner.

RememberThe3572854d ago

My nights of Killzone online and 2pac bumpin are about to return. This shit looks amazing.

Call_me_Ishmael2854d ago

awesome vids,hate german sites

jjmustoe2854d ago

it looks like a dx 11 game

Organization XII2854d ago

It looks beyond Dx 12 Graphics, we're talking 3d here, F U, Activision im not getting an another CoD again, CoD4 was my last game i ever purchased from them...Hail KZ3

Goliath-NL2854d ago

Anyone have a youtube link for this? Gero? (A)

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The story is too old to be commented.