New Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Phu Bai Valley Trailer and Pricing

Check out our new action trailer from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam

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Yi-Long2895d ago

... but TBH, I prefer the easy accessibility of Battlefield 2 and 1943, instead of all the combinations in Bad Company 2.

I wish Dice would bring out some extra maps for 1943.

mrv3212895d ago

I wish Dice would make a MEC game with destruction 2.0 and custom mechs.

Also... THIS LOOKS EPIC! I just need a Rise of the Valkyries trailer and I'm done.

Quagmire2895d ago

I was thinking about buying this, until I heard there was no solo campaign or missions.

dirthurts2895d ago

What? That's a bummer...

DirtyLary2895d ago

Whining about the Battlefield franchise not being singleplayer.

Now I've seen it all, only on N4G.

FragGen2895d ago

LOL. I've logged something like a couple of hundred hours on BFBC2 and have not even bothered finishing the first mission on the SP campaign. Battlefield is all about MP.

xYLeinen2895d ago

A very very acceptable price :D Can't wait for this.

360nPS3rTheSAME2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

that garbage should be free since you have to use a access code to play this crap game online anyway. Ea: they ruin the game

BX812895d ago

I think it should be free but not because of the access code. It should be free because they took away what should be day 1 normal multiplayer modes and released them as DLC. That's f#cking lame in my book!

DirtyLary2895d ago

Have fun in COD:BO.... until Activision makes you pay to go online also.

Thank Gamestop and Gamefly for the access pass issues.

DaCajun2894d ago

Wow look at all those disagrees you got for saying the DLC should be free or maybe it was because you called it garbage so the fanboys hate you now.

Anyway I think it should be free to the ones with the passes since we are the ones that showed our support of the game but ever since the current generation of gamers throw their money around at anything, DLC has gone from being a free thing to being charged for it.

I swear that the younger generation of gamers are so uneducated when it comes to gaming and it's history that instead of gaming improving and being something challenging like it used to be that everything is being dumbed down for the masses of lazy want everything handed to them kids we have growing up right now. Then on top of that being charged more for said dumbed down games. Just shows that our ever increasing society of lazy people will pay anything to be even more lazy which is epically pathetic along with paying for DLC which used to be free. Wow society is getting lazy and stupid.

360nPS3rTheSAME2895d ago

will always be cods little brother. Vietnam? Too bad black ops will render your dlc a flop. Brink, now there's a nextgen shooter

bumnut2895d ago

keep telling yourself that while you pay £54.99 (rrp) for the same shit every year.

Noobasaurus_REX2895d ago

isnt this the same price for MW2 map packs? This is practically a new game!

DaCajun2894d ago

Its is not a new game just 4 maps for multiplayer they are doing the same thing Activision did with MW2 and charging the same price which EA and DICE ridiculed Activision for doing. Both EA and Activision anymore are dragging gaming down with all the BS and lies. DICE told us they would never charged us for new maps on BFBC2 but since they call it BFBC2:Vietnam it makes it ok to charge us? BS it is still BFBC2. But you blind fanboys go out and pay for it, you are the fools that keep companies like them doing this BS and creating new ways to suck more money out of everyone for less content. Games used to be cheap with tons of content now all we get are 4 hour campaigns and a hand full of multiplayer maps that get boring really fast then overpriced DLC that we used to get free. Wow gaming has nosedived in quality this generation. The only thing that has improved this generation is graphics and everything else has seemed to suffer wtf is up with that. What good is a pretty game if it sucks.

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The story is too old to be commented.