Eurogamer: Arcania: Gothic 4 Review

Eurogamer: "Beneath Arcania's often outstanding art direction and technical achievement lies a dry spreadsheet of must-have RPG elements, none of which is sufficiently developed to compel and all of which fail to balance against one another. But its ultimate failing is that it treats you like a heel. It neither mentally nor materially rewards the player, which is absolutely fundamental to an enjoyable RPG."

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Playing the demo, and is not bad at all. I will get the full game, because the demo really convinced me.

''You trot off into the wilds to complete the innocuous sub-quest. You return to the NPC, you ask him about the big objective again, and he says something else now needs to be done, which involves someone else. Another sub-quest. A new NPC to talk to. Mission complete, you ask the new NPC about your key objective. He says he can help, but only if you do something for him. Could you maybe...?''

Pretty much a lot of RPG games of these days are like that.

The only thing bad I can see so far based from the demo, are the voices from the NPC's.

N4GAddict2705d ago

Sounds like a game for hardcore RPG fans


Actually it is very simple RPG, casual and not very challenging.

But still, it is a lot of fun, I recommend you the demo.

big_silky2705d ago

i love these kinds of games so i'll eventually buy it.