GT5 Dynamic PS3 Theme, PS Home Racing Suit Available from Schick

Schick has just launched a new cross-promotional advertising campaign with Sony, offering up special GT5-themed content if you purchase one of their specially-marked razors.

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Ilikegames762588d ago

the GT5 Dynamic PS3 Theme. Some of the Dynamic Themes in PS3 are simply amazing.

Rainstorm812588d ago

I agree i own majority of the dynamic themes, most of them a re really good i love all of the themes with night and day cycles.

I just hope they dont pull the same BS as with the GOW3 dynamic theme, all themes and content needs to eventually be available for PSN


Redrum0592588d ago

but there has to be another way of obtaining the theme, i dont want to buy a damn razor.

CountDracula2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

LOL at whoever gets the home clothing.

N311V2588d ago

No I have a beard! Maybe my wife can shave her legs with a mans razor.

Orionsangel2588d ago

Now that's a promotion I can get behind!

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