Metroid Becomes Japanese Again...That's A Good Thing Right? By Iodine

Newest Press Pause Radio writer Iodine welcomes himself into the fold with a look one of the more controversial first-party releases that Nintendo has brought with the collaboration of Team Ninja & his impressions.

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tunaks12827d ago

"Samus has always been the silent..."

"Worst yet she freezes up in the face of an adversary she’s conquered numerous times"
read the manga

"Atmosphere has been completely abandoned"
this game is a lot more atmospheric then the prime games.

"Leave the space drama for film and animation please"
complain about story then bitch about the way missile are unlocked...

same old complaints with no real evidence to back it up.

stragomccloud2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Samus is not a simple avatar. She is a human being with a past. Just like any other human being..... except she was raised by bird folk after her colony was destroyed, and then given Chozo gene therapy to compensate for the somewhat harsh Chozo homeworld. But other than that...

Anyway, contrary to what the author says, I actually liked liked her internal monologues.

Venox20082827d ago

Japanese and American.. article sux