Sonic Fan Remix demo is now out (download it here!)

SEGAbits: "You can now download the Sonic Fan Mix demo from the link below. The demo has 1 zone that spans 3 acts. No boss battle has been included."

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SilverSlug2829d ago

This is not a duplicate story, I posted this 2 hours ago, the other story was posted 1 hour ago.


Yi-Long2829d ago

... it looks and plays absolutely AMAZING. Even on my 2-3 year old PC it runs supersmooth in 1440x900 (which is my monitor's highest resolution).

Had to play it with my keyboard cause when I connected my joypad it didn't recognize it, but that might be a problem with my pc.

Also, the 'I'm waiting' animation of a bored Sonic when you leave him alone seems to be missing.

Not that I care though. This is just absolutely stunning stuff. Sega should be ashamed of themselfs for not delivering this kind of quality with their Sonic games the last bunch of years!

Please give the guy who made this the job of bringing this to XBLA and PSN. THIS would be worth 1200 MPS!

A thousand thumbs up to the creator for this!!!

Nitrowolf22828d ago

yeah much better, Sega needs to get these guys
Also i am sorry but i miss the jump homing attack, even though it was in only in Sonic 4 out of all the original Sonic 2D games, i love it, adds somethign new to gameplay

DigitalAnalog2828d ago

That this was done supposedly by "one" person. And it by far exceeded anything SONIC TEAM could come up with after SA2. I just wish this guy utilized his talent to make THIS:


-End statement

MEsoJD2828d ago

I wonder how long it took him to make?

Anyway its amazing. Cant wait for the full version.

hot4play2829d ago

Wow, Sonic looks like he moves better than in Sonic 4...

Kudos to this fan game's developer. Sega should hire him! :)

N4GAddict2828d ago

They should if they were smart

SilverSlug2828d ago

Movement is good, 'slow running animation' is better.

Colors are not very Sonic, too much enemies and a few other issues plague this. But its a great fan game. If SEGA released this I wouldn't be too happy. But this guy could help out SEGA for sure.

hot4play2828d ago

3 Chaos emeralds so far...the kid in me coudn't resist. Sonic 4 IS THE Sonic game fans have been waiting for, for better or worse. :)

tunaks12828d ago

Played it,
pretty awesome

GoldPS32828d ago

It runs slow for me. I don't have a gaming PC. I think that's the reason.

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The story is too old to be commented.