Sony Australia “Guarantees” Gran Turismo 5 By Christmas

GTPlanet: "In a knowing nod to those of us anxiously awaiting GT5’s new release date, Sony Australia has announced a new 3D TV / PlayStation 3 promotional bundle – which includes a copy of Gran Turismo 5 – with “guaranteed delivery by Christmas”."

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stonecold32647d ago

it i wished i could afford 3d at the moment well i dont need the ps3 as i have already got the original 60gb and the 320 gig but is a good deal for new ps3 owners

RedDead2647d ago

Maybe for once Sony are setting the deadline. Sometimes you just need one.

TagMeIn2647d ago

If so then I will Believe. I just cannot take another heartbreak anymore. Here's hoping

Ilikegames762647d ago

the game now. But I will wait until 3D is mainstream and I don't need to wear glasses to play in 3D.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

For a Game like Gran Turismo.

I think is better a bundle with PS3, GT5 and a Official Wheel than a 3DTV.

But is a good bundle anyway:

NBT912647d ago

lol you don't get a 3DTV with this, you get everything needed to play in 3D (glasses, transmitter, GT5, some films etc) so all you need on top of this is an actual 3DTV

dirtydbz2647d ago

obviosly you don't read nbt91 this is like a mail in rebate buy a 3d tv and you get a ps3 160 gig 2 sets of glasses 4 game download vouchers 2 3d blu-ray movies and a copy of gt5.
so pay 3k for a tv and get 900$ in free stuff of course its only for the first 21,000 purchasers in australia
but sounds like a good deal for someone in the market for a 3d tv

CountDracula2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

It doesn't matter.

COD will be on top anyways.

I mean its not like anyone is dying to get this game so badly that someone should have to GUARANTEE it's release before people start committing suicide over it.

It's just a Car simulator people! SHEESH

aaron58292647d ago

is that you ... ?

i missed you

RedDead2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

I will be surprised if GT does come out on top. I mean cod is on 3 platforms and Gt is only on 1. Odds are 3/1. Any takers?

RememberThe3572647d ago

Odds are that Black Ops is going to sell at least 20 million copies across all three platforms. At most I see GT5 doing 10 million. And these are life time sales BTW. Frankly I don't think there is as much interest in the GT franchise as there was in the past. I may be wrong but with all the "delays" (I know, this is the first real one) I think some people have just lost interest.

I'll be buying it day one but I'm not sure people are generally as interested as I am.

iPad2647d ago

With the inclusion of NASCAR, I think GT5 is gonna do a whole lot better in the States.

GT3 sold approximately 15m

I think GT5 would sell 17 or 18m

Si-Fly2647d ago

Never understood why people obsess over games sales figures, surely that's for the sits to worry about? I just want the best driving game ever and GT5 will deliver.

RedDead2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

I don't generally care, bt sometimes I feel like some games deserve the sales while others don't.

Edit---Oh yeah, i'll wait till christmas for it. I want a G27 steering wheel with it so..

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