The 10 best PS2 games of 2003

GamesRadar: "By 2003, the game-console market had stabilized to the point where each machine had its clear niche: GameCube was for playing first-party Nintendo games and/or gathering dust; Xbox was for Halo fans and gamers who wanted to play the best-looking versions of multiplatform games; and PlayStation 2 was the uncontested market leader. It was also facing down its busiest year yet, with the infamously overcrowded holiday season about to become a graveyard for some of the 2003’s best original releases."

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Quagmire2896d ago

What, you mean top 10 lists?

imoutofthecontest2896d ago

No, in general top 10's are kinda lame. I mean looks back at awesome retro stuffs :)
Love excuses to reminisce!

dangert122896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

I like the top ten left stuff sometimes i find games out about great games i never knew about and sometimes there so silly and fanboyish or lame its entertainment

POP sands of time was great and so was tony hawks undergound i think that was the final game that showed effort and quality

Cyrus3652896d ago

POP Sand of Time was a classic, loved that game.

The_Zeitgeist2896d ago

I am loving these lists from GamesRadar. Last week I just went out and bought a new PS2 Slim since I sold mine when I bought PS3. Now I am going hog-wild trying to snatch up mint condition games off of Ebay. Yesterday I bought mint condition copies of Deus Ex: The Conspiracy and Final Fantasy X. Anyone have anymore suggestions?