Medal of Honor Review [EvolvedGaming]

EvolvedGaming Reports: With the success of Bad Company 2 many people expected Medal of Honor to be a great game, Maybe even a game to outsell and out do the Call of Duty franchise. Unfortunately this new Medal of Honor does nothing to even put it in that category.

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TheHip142680d ago

very let down with this title

execution172679d ago

i couldn't even put it down lastnight

BattleAxe2679d ago

Depending on who you talk to on N4G, its all a big conspiracy that the reviews are average at best. I am so glad that I didn't buy this game and support EA's money grabbing tactics by putting a bare bones amount of content on the game.

Shackdaddy8362679d ago

I just bought this game today and the SP is sooo awesome. It has a couple bugs here and there but its definitely NOT a game breaker.

TheHip142679d ago

really? it's so flawed lol