Behind the scenes of the Halo Movie shorts

These images are from the recently released Halo "short". The Warthog in the images looks slightly different from the images floating around the net. Anyways, enjoy. Here's one to hold you over. Read more to see the rest.

*above taken directly from the website*

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damnwrx4124d ago

Dart Vader suit........Not Impressed, yet!

vgn244124d ago

I know I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan, but if you think that looks anything like Darth Vader, you got issues.

They're definetly on track

Dukester1014123d ago

I think it doesnt look very Halo-ish. I mean, they got the ODST suits down, and the weapons, and the plasma...etc.. but something is missing.

It's gritty, and realistic, that part I like. I guess, maybe it feels more like 2010 rather than 2552 if that makes any sense. I think they could do a better job to make the ODSTs look more badass

vgn244123d ago

The atmosphere in general doesn't seem 'futuristic'. But I would think the effects guys would add filters to make the sky and 'atmosphere' look and feel like 2552 in editing.