Paid Content: Why Microsoft’s Kinect Is Going To Make A Big Splash

James McQuivey writes: Starting Nov. 4th, Kinect for Xbox 360 will usher us into a new era Forrester has entitled the Era of Experience. This is an era in which we will revolutionize the digital home and everything that goes along with it. It starts by completely altering the way people consume home media that were only linear and nonparticipatory before now because there was no other way to engage them otherwise. But once there’s a meaningful and mesmerizing way for people to engage media content, the very formats of media will change, not to mention the devices (and services) through which they are delivered. Eventually, this will affect just about everything you do in your home. Yes, that, too.

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deadreckoning6662855d ago

An article praising Kinect...coming from PAID content. Kind of ironic.

creamydingle2855d ago ShowReplies(3)
rroded2855d ago

n a gimped eye toy are the second coming

lol @ the irony

FrigidDARKNESS2855d ago

Kinect will be big not only with casual gamers but to businesses aswel. MS will be the number one gaming giant.

HyperBear2855d ago

I'm sorry. But M$ will never be #1 gaming giant in my lifetime. Unless they fix the numerous amounts of problems with their Xbox brand, I cannot see them ever garnishing #1, and it most certainly will not be because of Kinect. If anything, Kinect may just be the death of Xbox as we know it. But Only Time Will Tell...

masterofpwnage2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

MS will not be number one.

unless sony and nintendo quits the gaming division.

nintendo beats ms in sales and ps3 beats it in performance.

but ms do have the advantage in online.
no one is going to be on top and kinect wont help them make it to the top.
its just another eyetoy, but just way more advance

but yeah lets go giants

they are going all the way

hiredhelp2855d ago

that never happen. nintendo and sony are the best in the game when it comes to building hardware and games.

something microsft hasnt learnt yet. only to make money on.

jimsondanet2855d ago

Not another 'this is why kinect is teh awsomeness you simply must have'

Apocalypse Shadow2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

pc developers were doing motion way before microsoft was.

tv manufacturers were making televisions that have motion gesture tech way before microsoft announced theirs.

all sony has to do is add software to pseye and....BOOM.....same gesture control for media and all you would have to pay is $40 dollars for those 40 million ps3s.because games released years ago already do it on the PS store.

why would you pay $150 unless you want to get ripped off?microsoft is not ushering in a new already started before they got there.

doG_beLIEfs2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

"all sony has to do is add software to pseye and....BOOM.....same gesture control for media and all you would have to pay is $40 dollars for those 40 million ps3s.because games released years ago already do it on the PS store.

FYI, the voice recognition software and gesture control software have been in PS3 dev kits for almost 3 years now. Why almost no one has taken advantage of it probably has to do with the amount of eyes that were out there. Now that Move has sold 3 million in just a month...I would say that many more developers will implement those features that have been there for years.

That says it all...also voice recognition is IN Singstar right now. It is software that enables most of kinects features and it is software that gives the Eye the SAME capabilities.

I don't care that Kinect is coming or how it is annoying that the gaming press has given this FALSE impression that these things have never been done before when a quick look on youtube prove otherwise.

Even though Move took 10 years to is an evolution of the problem, it still does everything nintendo promised.

The same should be for is an evolution of the eyetoy and pseye...and when the gaming media and kinect supporters ADMIT this then they can stop talking about crap like "never been done before" or "you are the controller" or "just like minority report"

DigitalRaptor2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

I don't mind the using Kinect to interact with the Xbox entertainment, that's kinda cool. Not '$150 cool'.

But it's the games. The shitty shovelware crap that will be the polished turds snatched up by casuals on Day one. Even though we have been given the titles of some 'hardcore' Kinect games at TGS, we know nothing about them, and that's all they want us to hear for now. Microsoft want to give you an inkling of hope that you will get a hardcore experience so that you invest in Kinect only to be disappointed later on. All those games though, are gonna be limited, on-rails games that offer nothing new besides the fact that you are playing it without a controller.

First they want us to buy it and give them millions. That is why there is a review embargo right now.

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