GamrFeed Exclusive: Interview with the Mother 4 Fangame Development Team

It's recently come to light that a sequel to Mother is in development. What makes this sequel special is that it's an independent project, headed up by a group of 12 people with a single goal in mind – give Mother fans more of what they want.

It's an ambitious project, one with a lot of work and possible trouble for the team. Can they deliver an experience worthy of the Mother name? From the looks of some of their work so far, I'd say the project is in good hands.

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Torillian2739d ago

First I've heard of this, should be interesting seeing how everything pans out for a fan made game of an already established series. They'll probably have to at least change the name later.

xxmob2739d ago

haha i've been waiting for a new mother game, but i didn't know that devs aloud independent companies to make games that weren't created by themselves.


Ape and HAL made these games so its up to them if they want to shut it down(nintendo published it).

of course I might be wrong and nintendo might own the mother franchise, if so then its up to nintendo to decides if the project lives or dies.

ssdninja2739d ago

I wish the best for the team. I hope their hard work pays off.

Duke_Silver2739d ago

I hope Nintendo doesn't shut this down

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