Valkyria Chronicles 3: new Dengeki/Famitsu scans

VC3 magazine Shots from Dengeki as well as the most recent Famitsu.

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imoutofthecontest2892d ago

Here's hoping for Valkyria Chronicles 4 on PS3, Christmas 2011/Spring 2012!

DeathGazer2892d ago

Seems like VC on PS3 was just a beta for the uglier, watered-down PSP versions.

At least Sega is still putting Yakuza on PS3.

knifefight2891d ago

I wonder why the long faces of the new characters. Will this game go TOO FAR the other direction of the 2nd, storywise? Like how VC2 was all pep, will VC3 be totally emo? Ugh.

FFS, Sega.